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September 27, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - R/M)

Seven DGAers ventured out to Neshanic on Tues. With threatening clouds, thunder and lightning, we all went in after finishing 5 Ridge. After a 1 hour delay, Bruce went out to a big lead on the front.  Fast charging Ed Korleski almost caught him but Bruce wins by 2. Bruce also wins net birds (6).  Ed wins the back.  George C. takes the greenie, par3G and Par3N pots. Mike Jeffries did NOT play DGA today.

September 25, 2021 (Quail Brook)

Picture Perfect day on the course !  Individual match play gets top billing as Jim Rinaldi and Jim Petro play even up. In what had to be an exciting match, JimP wins the match 1 up on 18 by making a 12 ft putt. Congratulations JimP.   Cegla Jr wins the front, Net birds and net eagles. Eddiek wins the greenie pot with 3. 
Other Items of note ...
1) LT comes in T3
2) EdK tears up the par3s comes in last but only loses a dollar.
3) Frank Thiry refuses to hand in his scorecard until 9:01pm for auditing purposes
4) Mike Jeffries played golf today and losses his 7 wood for the second round n a row on the range
Oh Almost forgot ... Mike Jeffries shoots a sizzling net 30 on the back to win by 7 strokes !! He wins the back nine (30) and the birdie pot (3).  Great shooting Mike. Not sure what course you played.  Congratulations.

September 23, 2021 (Quail Brook)

Mike avoids the big number and wins by 6 over Bruce. We played in 3 1/2 hours and beat the rain and the grim forecast. Shots of the day - We started on the back - our 10th hole - Ed thought he lost his second shot in the trees - it was right near the cart path - he proceeds to knock his 3rd shot to 2 feet for the only birdie of the day. On our 13th hole Bruce is long left of the green, dumps his second shot into the greenside bunker then holes out for 2 sandys. Mike thought he lost his 7-wood while we were playing our 15th hole - proceeds to call the proshop and ultimately finds it in Bruce's bag. Just a bit less drama then FT earlier this summer. Plenty of trash talk and laughs.

September 21, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

Party Sunny, Upper 70s, greens were in great shape. Ron and Bruce tie with 70s but Bruce wins more $$$. He won the Front and sandy pots as well as Per3 gross and net.  Ron wins the back and the net birdie pot.  Mr Canfield wins the greenie pot and Minny wins net eagles.  Dave's seeing eye dog came in last.  He quit after 17 holes from exhaustion.   Mike Jeffries played golf today.

September 18, 2021 (Green Knoll)

A hot, sticky day in September at Green Knoll and Mike Rolph said his farewell to NJ with a little extra in his pocket.  After an extrended time deciphering their cards, Mike Rolph was the winner with a Net 68.  He shot Net 35 on the front and was the winner on the back with a Net 33.  He also had 7 Net Birdies with just about everyone else and more importantly he is our World Series Points leader with 19 in the 2022 points race.

Charles Connors came in second and won the front with Net 32.  He probably could have shaved a few strokes if it wasn't for him having to carry his partner all day.  Jim Rinaldi came in second on the front with a Net 34.  Also it is worth noting Ron Ceglia Jr made the right side of the spreadsheet on a Saturday and came in second on the back with a Net 35 with just about everyone else.  BTW the second place payout on the back was $.10.  Nice.

September 16, 2021 (Green Knoll)

Bruce Rapp and John Rutigliano tied at the top with Net 72, they finished first and second on the front.  Dennis Grote won the back with a Net 32 and Mike Rolph finished second with a net 34.  There were so many ties in the POTS no need to mention them, but Ed Korleski won Birdies with 1, Bruce Rapp won Sandies with 1 and Min Minutello won Net Par 3's with 11.

In Partners, Dennis Grote and Bruce Rapp defeated John Rutigliano and Dan Price +7.  Dennis Grote 32 on the back (we started on 10 so really like the front) and Bruce's 36 on the front (really the back) was more the John and Dan could take.  They are off to the semi's against Fitz and Frankie.  Good luck boys.

September 11, 2021 (Fox Hollow - World Series Championship)

How exciting was World Series?  We had our first ever World Series give away, no play out of the bunkers, 6 foursomes, two Bad Mega Johnny's, one Bad Johnny and a no show.  Does it get any better than that?  Yes! We had a first time World Series winner.  Shawn Smith turned back the clock and played like it was 2018 when he was a 15.  He didn't want to take any chances so not only did he win World Series but he came in first in DGA.  He won by three shots over Mansour Rismanchi, who also finished 2nd in DGA and World Series. Shawn finished 33/33 and came in second in both the front and back.  He also had 10 Net Birdies and quite honestly three's a crowd, selfishly speaking. Great job Shawn and congratulations on your DGA/World Series win.  More to come in the follow up email from the Commissioner.

Bob Nowark won the front and then went on to a Net 51 on the back to have a bad Mega Johnnie, four shots short of a Desi (had to look that one up, that website sure has amazing information).  That 18th hole is a killer just ask Bob and Larry Thiry who also had a Mega Johnnie not to mention 21 equities.  But Bob was in the Net Birdie and Net Eagle pots and even with the plunge was a money winner in 17th place.  Dennis Grote won Net Par 3's and Gross Par 3's and not a surprise that wasn't a Sandy winner.

In match play, Andrew Keller had a super back nine and beat our very own Match Play Commissioner 3 & 1.  It will be Andrew's 3 time in four tries in the match play finals.  Good luck Andrew.

September 10, 2021 (Fox Hollow)

It was a wonderful day for golf.  Clear skies and in the lower 70's.  The course played tough, the rough was thick and the wind was a factor.  Jim Petronchak played like none of it was an issue.  Jim shot a gross 72, Net 64 on his way to a five stroke win over Rich Fitzgerald.  Jim was also low in the front with a Net 30, tied for second in the back with Net 45won Net Birdies with 8, tied Net Eagles with 1 and ties greenies with 2.  He also won Gross Par 3's with 19.  He picked up $68.50.
John Rutigliano won the back with a Net 32 and finished with a good Johnnie 43/32.  Jay Griffith had 3 birdies, 1 net eagles and won the sandy pot.
There was another 72, Larry Thiry shot gross 72 on the back on his way to a net 98.  Today's beer lines net 79.

September 7, 2021 (Neshanic Valley M/L)

September 4, 2021 (Warrenbrook)

​Not a bad day after the mess Ida left across the state Course was a little soft - bunkers were a real disaster. Rinaldi and Mansour tie and win the bulk of the money Ed K, Jim P and Ron G get the rest.  And yes guys that is not a typo Larry did have 19 equities and some kind of Johnny - maybe a DGA record?