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August 31, 2021 (Neshanic Valley M/L)

Mike Rolph starts out the back nine hot and holds on for a 2-shot win over MJ. Lots of lip outs and near misses on surprisingly fast greens. 

August 28, 2021 (Neshanic Valley R/L)

A breezy, cloudy, cool day.  The scores were certainly not overwheming, actually low score was over par.  Bob Babetski and Dan Price were the best of the worst shooting Net 74's.  Bob wins the front with a Net 34 and Dan finishes second on the front with a Net 36 along with Fitz, Rick Newport and Larry Thiry.  Bob also was the sole winner of Sandies with 1.  Dan won Net Par 3's with a 10 along with Min Minutello.  Jim Rinaldi's almost Johnnie was enough to get him the win on the back with a Net 36 and  Bob Nowark and Mansour Rismanchi finished second with a Net 37.

Probably the most significant stat was that the Beer line was 80.  Next weekend, last weekend before World Series.

August 26, 2021 (Neshanic Valley R/M)

Rick Newport played steadily (38-38) on a hot and humid 90 degree day at Neshanic Valley.  Greg Cavallo defeated Bob Nowark 7 & 5 in Match Play.

August 21. 2021 (Spooky Brook)

Hot muggy day in August Charlie Connors is doing his best to get back into World Series and defend his title but George Canfield certainly got in his way.  Charlie and George finished with Net 68's to tie for 1st.  Both had solid back 9's finishing 1st and 2nd, Charlie getting the net 33 and George a net 34.  The tie gets him into 3rd place only 10 1/2 points behind Bruce Rapp. (WS Points Standing).  Charlie also had 3 greenies along with Jim Rinaldi, won Gross Par 3's with 11 and tied Net Par 3's with 10  along with John DeSimone and Larry Thiry.  Good to see Larry back in a pot.

Speaking of Jim Rinaldi, he was first in the front with a Net 31 and John Rutigliano was second with a net 32.  Both also tied Net Eagles with 2.  Dave Ellis had the solo win with with 8 Net Birdies.

Jim Rinaldi defeated Ron Ceglia Jr in match play 7 & 5 after going 8 up after 9. Jim will now face Jim Petrontrak in the semi final match.

August 19, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

George Canfield and Jim Rinaldi shoot identical 79 / 70 for the win but GC wins the most money with a sandy on 18 and 4 greens. JimR wins birdies with 2.  Dave resigns from the single digit handicap club. Greg shows off his perfect net scorecard to George after the round. "Show him my card."        MJ

August 14, 2021 (Quail Brook - World Series Qualifier #5)

As usual World Series didn't disappoint.  It was a hot and humid day at Quail Brook this was the last qualifier for 2021 and add 2 partner matches.  It couldn't get any better.  Shawn Smith who's average for his previous four rounds this year is net 79, but this was the old Shawn Smith and he cashed in with a net 65 and is on his way to World Series.  He scorched the front with a Net 28 had a very solid back with a net 37.  He also finished with 12 Net Birdies, 9 on the Net Par 3's and 2 Sandy's.  All in all a $124 pay day. This will be Shawn's third trip to World Series.  Honorable mention in second play with a real solid round was Dennis Grote with a net 66.  All was not lost he had a $20 pay day in 9's.

It was the big day for the high handicappers.  Frank Thiry came in second in the front with a Net 31, Fitz came in first on the back with a Net 30 and of course 4 Net Eagles and John DeSimone finished second on the back with a Net 32.

In other big news Jay Griffith had a natural Eagle on 17.  Driver, 8 iron and a 20 foot putt.  Rumor has it that the driver did have a little assistance down the right side, if you know the hole.  Congrats Jay.

 In Partners, Rick Newport and George Canfield beat Dave Perry and Mark Schuler +1 and Rich Fitzgerald and Frank Thiry defeated Charlie Connors and Mansour Rismanchi +14.  Dan Price and John Rutigliano vs. Dennis Grote and Bruce Rapp has been posted due to a BBQ.

August 10, 2021 (Flanders - White/Blue)

Slow greens but a great day on the course and not a bad day for EddieK.  Snowflake takes us into his backyard and wins by  7 !  Ed wins the front, back, overall as well as net birdies and P3Net and Gross. Rick Newport gets the only birdie and Greg wins net eagles.  Bruce had problems with his yardages by using meters instead of yards on his range finder. Apologies to MJ for not including him in the results

August 7, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

Hazy, Hot and Humid. Beer Line is 71.  Nuf Said !  Dave Perry returns from Myrtle Beach and shoots a career best 74 gross. His 63 Net wins by 2 over Andrew Keller and Ceglia Jr.  Jr (29) wins the front, Billy Bylina and Gary Yusko (32) win the back.  Dave wins 2 pots. He wins birdies (4) and net birdies (12).  Andrew wins net eagles (3). Hall of Famer, Bob Keller makes a cameo appearance and wins Par 3 gross and net.  Apologies to MJ for not including him in the results this week.