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2020 Tournament

Congratulations to the 2019 Partners Tournament Champions:

Mike Jeffries & Jim Rinaldi

Gentlemen of the DGA:

I hope this email finds all our DGA'ers, and your families, safe and in good health.  
"Desperate times calls for desperate measures…"….. quote from Hippocrates in 400 BC, that great Greek physician and known as the "Father of Medicine".  Similar "desperate measures" now also applies to this year's DGA Partners Tournament, as indicated by the following updated guidelines…

1.  The official "notification entry date" by two-man P-teams into the DGA P-tournament (PT)  has been extended again, this time from May 1st to June 1st.
2.  Partner Qualification Rounds (PQR) can be played beginning Saturday May 16th.  Any rounds before that date will not count.  (Pending contingency with start date: See item #7, which takes priority.)  
3.  The official adjusted deadline date for completion of the two (2) PQR's is Saturday August 1st.
4.  Once a P-team plays its first PQR, they are "locked-in" and their $20 entry fee per man is collected (on their account).  P-teams which had declared entrance but do not complete at least one PQR by July 1st, due to ongoing pandemic restrictions and/or personal health concerns, will be excused from participation in the PT and their entry fee will not be charged.
5.  Quail Brook remains as one of the 2 courses to be played.  Note that a P-team cannot play Quail Brook more than once as their second PQR.  All PQR's must be played solely within the five Somerset courses.
6.  Due to the shortened season, PQR's can be played any day of the week this year, not only on Saturdays.  This rule applies to this current abbreviated 2020 DGA season only.
7.  A 3rd DGA member (preferably also a 4th) must be "in the same group" to certify the P-teams combined "net best-ball" score.  (P-team "twosome" scores will not qualify as a PQR.)
8.  The top eight (8) P-teams completing their 2 PQR's by the new extended deadline of August 1st will qualify for the PT quarter-finals, etc.
 9.  Prize monies will be awarded on a 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 12.5% basis (approximate) to each P-team, from all entry fees collected.
10.  All rules and dates listed above are subject to change, based on NJ State and Somerset County course updated regulations and restrictions.

The PT Commissioner's office is dedicated to do all it can towards holding a DGA Partners Tournament this season, and these modified guidelines will hopefully help make that happen.  


Frankie T., DGA

2020 Schedule of Deadlines

Opt-In Deadline - July 1st

PQR Completion - August 1st

Quarter Finals - Sept. 19th

Semi Finals - Oct. 17th

Finals - Nov. 14th

Prize Distribution ($20 fee per man)
1st Place - TBD (50% share per team) 
2nd Place - TBD (25% share per team)
3rd Place - TBD * (12.5% share per team)
4th Place - TBD * (12.5% share per team)
* consolation match is optional

Partners News

Past Champions

2018Schuler/D. PerryForfeit


Conway/L. Thiry
2009B. Keller/Wrobel
2005Conway/L. Thiry
2004Nolan/D. Perry
2001J. Perry/Rapp
1997Minutello/L. Thiry