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January 4, 2022 (Quail Brook)

It was a top 10 Winter Golf Day - Sunny and no wind - warmed up enough to take a layer off half-way through the round. JR nips Mike by one shot and dashes Rick's goal of an undefeated 2022. Fairways were firm and greens were frozen until very late in the round so scoring was tough - just 2 junks all day. We only saw one other group the whole day - so a perfect Rinaldi round - guessing people were scared off by the forecast temps. Mike only crashed his cart once - on the second hole - then JR realized he didn't have the 5th wheel down - to be fair it was hidden and not obvious and unless you read the instructions you wouldn't know it was there!

​January 2, 2022 (Quail Brook)

The first DGA round of the year starts off with Rick Newport cruising to a 3-stroke win over Ron Emma. Rick may be the correct owner of the Hottest Player in the DGA honor. Ron Emma also made a cameo by spreading holiday cheer with an eagle on 18. Ron holed out from 118 yards. His approach landed past the pin and spun Back into the hole. Great shooting Rick, outstanding shot Ron !!  In other news George Canfield makes a 50+ degree appearance.