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July 31, 2021 (Green Knoll)

It was a tough day at Green Knoll.  Scores were high and the Pots were there for the taking and our two winners were the only players to shoot par.  Dan Price and Mike Jeffries shoot a Net 71 and tie for the win.  Mike wins the front with a Net 34 and Dan wins the back with a Net 32.  Neither were involved in any other Pots. It did not take a very big number to win a Pot today. We had 7 players in the Birdie Pot with 1.  John Rutigliano won Net Birides with 6 and Net Eagles with 2 (50 foot birdie put on 1 for his first NE).  5 players won Net Par 3's and the winning number was 12.  The only two Pots that won with an expected number was Sandies with 2, David Ellis and Bruce (I'm quitting golf) Rapp and Gross Par 3's with 13, Mark Schuler.  Beer line was 79.

In a nail biter, at least it appeared to be a nail biter, Jim Petronchak defeated Rich Fitzgerald 2&1.  Dormie after 15 Rich held on until 17.  Jim moves on  to play the winner of Rinaldi/Ceglia Jr.

July 27, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Meadow)

Ed outlasts Min and wins by 3 on a hot and humid day. Not much excitement in terms of scoring but plenty of laughs. 

​July 24, 2021 (Quail Brook)

Dave Ellis birdies 18 to tie George Canfield for first but all is right in the world as Mike Jeffries wins the most money.  Mike wins the back and ties the birdie pot with Charlie Connors (4) !!  Charlie shoots lights out on the front (gross 34 / net 29), then threw up on the back. FF posts his score at 9:45pm and wins net eagles with 3 and net birdies with 12.  Rapp wins the Sandy pot with 2. EdK wins Par3 Gross, Grote Par 3 net.  More on MJ  (What a day) !! ... he wins his match against Rismanchi, Greg Cavallo and Jim Rinaldi also win their matches.

July 22, 2021 (Quail Brook)

Pleasant Day, little breeze, course in good shape.   Ed K. outlasts Min by 3 who was in it to the end except for one unspeakable hole.

July 17, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Lake)

July 15, 2021 (Twisted Dunes)

​​We came to our senses after the Seaview bloodbath and played the yellow tees at Twisted Dune. JP wins by 1 over Ed K. Jim had 4 birdies - Ed had 2 good chances at eagles on par 5's. Not as hot as Wednesday. The course was plenty tough at 5775 yards versus the 6325 we were originally going to play. 

July 14, 2021 (Seaview - Bay)

​8 Members took on brutal heat and a tough track with high fescue and bumpy greens. Dave and Greg tied for the "win" with JP winning the most $. This might have been the highest winning score in the history of the DGA. Many lost balls. The course had a local rule in effect that if you lost the ball in the fescue it was only a 1 stroke penalty. The scores would have been higher if we had to play the normal lost ball rule. 

​​July 10, 2021 (Warrenbrook - WS Qualifier #3)

A rather modest turn out for a World Series qualifier.  Bob Nowark came away with a net 66 and 3 shot victory over Jim Rinadli.  He shot a net 31 to tie the front and he also tied the back with a net 35.  This will be Bob's third consecutive year qualifying for World Series and his 9th time overall.  Jim Rinaldi also tie the back along with Mark Schuler with a Net 35.

John Rutigliano won Net Birdies with 9 and Net Eagles with 2.  Mike Jeffries was in four pots.  Won greenies with 2, and tied Sandys with one, Gross Par 3's with 12 and Net par 3's with 9.

In Match play Rich Fitzgerald beat Dan Price 1Up and Jim Petronchak beat Min Minutello 4 & 3.  In Partners the Bobbies beat Jim Rinaldi and Mike Jeffries +6.

As a mention, the BBQ seemed to be a success.  It was a pleasure having everyone there.

July 8, 2021 (Warrenbrook)

Jim P wins by 1 over Ron Jr on a muggy day with high rough.  Ron wins the most money and defeats Bruce in their individual match 6 and 5. The bunkers are in terrible shape. A number had water in them and with the forecast of heavy rain tonight and early Friday - more are likely to be filled on Saturday.

July 3, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

An October Day in July, 60's and cloudy but luckly no rain.  Billy Coco Bylina stole the show today.  Shot a net 67 with a net 29 on the front, 5 Birdies, 10 Net Birdies and 3 Net Eagles not to mention tied Gross Par 3's with 13 along with just about everyone else.  He broke $100 in winnings.  John Rutigliano didn't let him have the spotlight and ties him with a Net 67.  He tied the back with a Net 33, tied Gross Par 3's and Net Par 3's (Fitz can't be beat) with 9 and came in second in Net Birdies with 9. Is that a thing? 

Oh, what write up wouldn't be complete without an MJ mention, had 2 Greenies and tied the pot with Jim R, Jim P and Mark.  As always, thanks for the chips.  One other noteable, Charlie was not the last person to leave the parking lot today.

Next week World Series #4 at Warrenbrook and BBQ at John Rutigliano's house after the round.

​July 1, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

Sun and clouds, not as humid as Tues.  The threat of rain never materialized except for a couple of  sprinkles.  No rain was a nice surprise for the guys that played.  Slow greens again.   Bruce wins by 1 over Rick.    MJ
Additional Commentary from JimP ...
"We watched the group in front of us hit shots all over the place. Dan asked politely to play thru on the 3rd tee, they said no, told us to wait. We walked up with them to the green and one guy asked what we were doing. Told him we were going ahead of them. He said that we better hurry because they were going to fire away regardless of where we were,  I replied that we had seen them firing away and we were not worried, called him ignorant and finished 3 holes ahead plus going back and playing the 3rd hole in the middle of #9."