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July 30, 2022 (Quail Brook)

A crazy scoring day at Quail Brook - rough was very burned out and you got plenty of run if you hit it there - Dan continues his recent great play and wins by 3 over Mark (lefty) Schuler. Mark is now putting left-handed and rammed in a 15-foot eagle putt on 17 to win the most money for the day. He also had one sandy but missed 6 or 7 other chances by inches. We jokingly said he had made 15 feet of putts coming to 17 and doubled his total with the eagle. Babo wakes up on the back with a 31 to come in 3rd in place and in money. Dan won his match over Fitz 3 and 2 - this after heaping praise on Fits on the driving range - Dan started with 5 straight pars and held on for the win. Charlie wins 1 up over Min by winning the 16th and 17th holes. Mike and Jim R won their partner match +7 with a strong start and then playing even after the 3rd hole. 

July 28, 2022 (Eagle Ridge - Pine/Lake)

Last minute entry Ron Jr wins by 1 over George. George and Bob N shot net 32 on the front(Pines) with George shooting 1 over gross. Ron Jr used his length to his advantage - nearly driving one par 4 on the links nine plus he had an 8-foot eagle putt on a par 5. The back nine (Links) was quite a bit tougher with net 38 the low score. The course was in great shape and we finished in 4 1/2 hours with 15 minutes to get to and from the Links nine. We played the blue tees which are the men's tees. We all liked the course and for $55 it was a bargain. Look for another round in late August for those that missed today.

July 23, 2022 (Green Knoll)

George and Charlie win by 2 over 3 guys with net 70s on a very hot day. The course is getting dry and lots of run on the ball plus holding some greens was an issue. 2 stories from the last group - on 14 Dan leads off and hits quickly and as the ball is in the air Ed realizes that he hit from outside the markers resulting in him reteeing and hitting 3. Interesting if this was match play there would be no penalty. Dan tried to plead his case that it was match play to no avail. Mike had a very hot putter and had holed 3 - 30-foot putts on the first 7 holes. As he looks for a club for his approach to the 8th green - he realizes he doesn't have his putter. Ed and Rick had confiscated it - laughs all around and Mike did hole one more long one once he got it back. 

July 21, 2022 (Green Knoll)

Dan Price continues his recent hot streak with a 2-shot win over Rick on a very hot 95+ day at GK. We did get some breezes and some cloud cover but it was a day to drink gallons of water. Dan and Rick won all the money. Iron Ed walked and carried to win the DGA fitness award. Mike defeats Billy the Kid 4 and 3 in a spirited match that included chip ins on consecutive holes MJ then BB , recovery shots to a couple of feet to win on consecutive holes BB then MJ and some other excellent shots. They also hit some others shots (: Mike moves on to the semifinals and Billy decides not to quit the game after paring the last 3 holes.

July 16, 2022 (Neshanic Valley R/L)

Great weather at Neshanic and always to his surprise, Dan Price finishes first by two strokes.  He tied the front with a Net 36 and won the back with a strong Net 34 and he did tie the Sandys pot with 1.  Rich Fitzgerald finish second with a Net 72 and also second on the back with a Net 35, he tied Net Birdies with 6, Net Eagles with 1 and of course his favorite pot he tied Net Par 3's with 10.  Jim Petronchak had the solo win with a 13 on Gross Par 3's.

In Match play our reigning champ Andrew Keller beat Rick Newport 3 & 1.

Oh and how could I forget, impossible since Bruce Rapp wouldn't let me, John Rutigliano did the rare 5 putt on the par 5, 8th and had a big wiff on a short chip on 10.

July 14, 2022 - (Neshanic Valley - M/L)

The second group led by Bruce had all the money winners - Bruce nips Ed by 1 shot and Min wins the second most money on a hot and sunny day at NV. The first group hit a "few" balls offline into the fescue.

July 9, 2022 (Spooky Brook - World Series Qualifier #4)

Jim Petronchak shoots 1 over par, Net 62 to win World Series Qualifier #4 by 5 strokes.  Jim won the front with a Net 30, tied for second on the back with a Net 32, had 4 Birdies, 13 Net Birdies, 3 Net Eagles and tied Gross Par 3's with a 12 and had a big pay day.  Jim is now the 4th person to qualify for World Series.  More to follow...

Not to be out done, Ron Gothier had a day of his own with an Eagle on #2.  Unfortunately he never saw it go in.  He also came in second on back with a Net 32 and had 13 Net Birdies.  Mike Jeffries won Greenies with 3,Frank Thiry won Net Par 3's and Greg Cavallo had the only Sandy.

Plenty of Matches - Grote defeated Rutigliano 1 Up, Rinaldi defeated Cavallo 1 Up, Petronchak defeated Korleski 3 & 2 and Jeffries defeated Rapp 3 & 1.

July 7, 2022 (Rock Spring)

Ed scorches the back nine with a 30 to overtake Jim R and win by 3 with a 66. This is a great track and we plan to play it again - this time from the White tees. We decided to play the Green tees at 5860 and a 129 slope versus the Whites at 6420 and a 134 slope. Ed probably could have had 5 birdies but kept missing by inches. Beautiful weather for July high around 80 with clouds and sun. We played in just over 4 hours.

​July 5, 2022 (Neshanic Valley - R/M)

​The wind and fescue made the course play a bit difficult. George wins by 1 over Ed. George and Ron split the pots - Ed gets skunked. Ron took 7 equities all on the 8th hole! Commentary by Ed.

July 2, 2022 (Spooky Brook)

A warm summer day at Spooky Brook and John Rutigliano continues his hot play.  Wins back to back.  He shoots a Net 66 and wins a bundle.  Ties the front with Mike Jeffries with a Net 32 and is in the Birdie (2), Net Birdie (10), Net Eagle (3), Gross Par 3 (12) and Net Par 3 (9) Pots.  David Ellis makes a rare appearance and wins the back with a Net 31.  Andrew Keller with his dad (Bob making a rare appearance himself) at his side has an Eagle (sorry, still only $3) on 13.  Don't know the details, maybe Andrew can fill us in.
In Match play Billy Bylina (playing the Silver Tees) beats Ron Ceglia Jr 4 & 2 and Rick Newport and George Canfield beat JRut and Dan Price in a tie breaker +2