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June 29, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Meadow)

Hot and Humid 95+ degrees.  Perfect weather for EddieK. He wins by 3 over Greg.
- Rick and Bruce against Greg and Ed.  Rick and Bruce Birdie # 2 Ridge. Ed offers, "take $10 bucks now ?" ... Ed and Greg win 3 ways.
- #16 Meadow, Bruce shanks his second shot into the heavy fescue on the right. Realizes his ball is lost,  drives back to hit another ball. Tells Rick, I'm gunna get yelled at.  Greg and Ed .. what r u doing?  u cant go back.  Bruce: I was hoping u wouldnt notice.   Ed:  Must have been Minnys fault !   Bruce:   Denies he did anything wrong.... Apologies to MikeJ for not including him in the results.

June 26, 2021 (Quail Brook)

Hot and Humid with slow greens.  The field either waited out or played thru a 15 minute downpour.  The rain was no problem for "Lieutenant Dan" Price. He rides his 4 greens and two birdies on the last two par 3s to a 2 stroke victory over Babo. Dan wins the front, greens as well as par 3 gross and net and a big payday.  Dan shot his age for the second time in 3 days.  Not a bad week for Dan. In 8 days, he has won 2 Saturday rounds and the Thurs round. Nice shooting Dan !   Ceggy wins second most $$$ by winning  the back and net birds. 7 PQRS with the Bobbies leading the way with a 61.

No SAT question and no stolen golf carts this week but we do have commentary from FF  ...
We all played the blue tees, including LT, and finally finished our round around 4:45pm.  (The pace was a bit aggressive at 5 hrs and 45 mins but we did complete the cards by 5:30pm and we got home just before dark.)  Dave Ellis decided to drop out after 6 holes.  (He said he couldnt keep up with pace of play)  PQR:  Fitz and 'Frank' (His real name) shot a better-ball of 68. We alternated effectively.  (FF) won 7 holes, Fitz won 6. However on the 17th hole we both took 10's, for net 8's. Otherwise, it would have been a much better PQR score.
Note: Items in ( ) contain literary embellishment.
Shout out to Charlie Connors who played in the first group and last we saw he was waiting in the parking for the last group to come in. He was busy calculating PQRs and who had qualified for the Partners Tournament.  Nothing of note to mention Mike Jeffries in the results !  Oh wait ...
Reminder: Please be respectful to the Somerset county employees in the clubhouse. They put up with us every week and were none to happy with the DGA this week.

June 24, 2021 (Quail Brook)

Todays results include an SAT question.  Please pick the answer below that DOES NOT belong.
While playng the third hole at Quailbrook, a guy named Frank (not his real name) ….
   A. Realizes he is missing three clubs. (no ...the clubs were not at Heron Glen and this is not the 6 iron, 6 iron hybrid story)
   B. Drives back to the second green to get his clubs, (no clubs there?)
   C. Drives back to his group with a cart from the non-DGA group playing behind him
   D. Halfway back, realizes its not his cart cuz his pencil is missing (huh) ?
   E. Turns back to return the cart to the guy playing in the group behind him who is in hot pursuit with 'Franks' cart
   F  Denies he did anything wrong
   G. All of the above.  
If you selected ...
H.  The clubs were in Minnys bag  the whole time.  You would have answered correctly.  As Doug always says ..."You can't make this stuff up"  This incident solidifies 'Frank' as THE Fiddle F@@ker.  (FF)
In other news, Dan shoots his age and wins by 1 ... again.  Minny shoots under his age and gets nada.  EdK shoots 79 with three birdies
and gets a kiss on the cheek.  Rick "Big Boy" Newport shoots 75 gross, makes three birdies, missed a number of others and comes in second,   Very impressive Rick !  Cant have results without mentioning MJ.  He came in last and requested to play with 'Frank' on Sat.

June 22, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Meadow)

Mike rides a hot back nine to a 4 shot win over Bruce and Ed. We dodged the rain until 17 despite the incredibly slow play by the threesome in front of us.

June 19, 2021 (Warrenbrook)

Hot and humid with slow greens. Dan Price wins by 1 but Petro wins the most $$$.  An overall even distribution of $$$ among the winners. Babo wins the front, K-man wins the back. Petro wins birds, greens, P3 gross and as usual, the par 3 net pot taking money out of Fitz pocket ?!  JD takes nets and eagles.
- Charlie holes out from the bunker on # 6 after interpreting the lift, scratch and place in the bunker rule to mean tilling the sand.
- George tells Charlie his tee shot went between those two trees on the right side of 13. There must be 20 trees on the right of 13 ?
- Charlie asks George to move his mark ... to the left ... or the right ...  u decide ??
- The first group threesome finished just 5 minutes or was it holes ahead of the second group ??
- The second group played 15 in 43 minutes and 17 in 42 minutes.

June 17, 2021 (Warrenbrook)

Greens were slow but a beautiful day on the course. Bruce rides a 33 on the front to win by 3.  Sand traps were in terrible shape.  

June 15, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Meadow)

​"No body in front of us, nobody behind us all day."  Had the course to ourselves on a beautiful day.  Greg wins by one over Bruce.

​June 12, 2021 (Green Knoll)

​Mansour wins by 1 over Ceg JR (can I buy a putter?) by one shot and is the WS qualifier. He also wins the front - Mike records a good Johnny and wins the back. Ed wins the 3rd most money despite a net 80 (2 shots over the beer line). Bruce is back on the plus side thanks to winning the sandy pot. FT has a good Johnny and ties second on the back despite an 8 on 18. Scores were high with 43 equities recorded.  Dennis racked up 9 of his equities on the 2nd hole and didn't lose a ball. He also had a good Johnny. Thanks to Bob N for supplying the beer based on last week's win.

June 10,2021 (Cedar Hill)

A beautiful day with low humidity on a challenging course with fast, undulating and small greens. Cedar Hill is celebrating their 100th anniversary and this was a typical course built then. Rick has a strong back nine and wins by 1 shot over Mike.

June 8, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Meadow)

Hot and Humid.  We finished the round 20 minutes before the rain.  Should have been done sooner but the second group slowed up the first group???   Jim Rinaldi has a nice $$$ day. He gets a piece of every pot,  second on the front, ties the back and wins by one over Jim Petro.   Second hole, Bruce plays the wrong ball, then plays his correct ball.  Mike losses his putter in the rough.  Took 44 minutes to play the hole.

June 05, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Lake)

​​A beautiful spring day and the course was in great shape except for a few wet areas.  Bob Nowark lead the way with a Net 72, a 10 on Ridge 5, 5 putts of 10 ft plus and most notiably an Encore golf ball. Thought he lost it twice, made a herculian effort on 16 to save it and Bob and the Encore shot a Net 34 on the back and never looked back.  Bob also was in Net Birdies, Net Eagles and Gross and Net Par 3's.  He was the only player to shoot par. 

Other noteable - Rick Newport won the front Net 35 and was in the Birdie and Net Eagle pot along with Dave Perry.  There were no Sandies. 

June 3, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Meadow)

June 1, 2021 (Quail Brook)

A fine day to play golf - Greg wins by 4 shots over Jim R. Lots of pot splitting.