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June 30, 2022 (Spooky Brook)

John Rut wins by 1 over Greg and George on a sunny hot day at Spooky. John was very excited after the round even though he didn't know if he won since the first 2 groups finished hours ahead. Mike and Jim R defeated the defending champs +9 in partners as both FT and Fitz struggled but they provided cold beer after the round and it was appreciated by the late groups due to the heat. John Rut also spent time showing Frank how to log into GHIN to post his score. Hopefully everyone who played will post their score since Doug is sailing down some river in Germany right now.

June 28, 2022 (Neshanic Valley (R/M))

Perfect day on the golf course !! We let a twosome play thru on #3, then we had the course to ourselves. Neshanic is in great shape.
Rick Newport plays steady throughout and catches Ed on 18. Ed got off to a hot start but loses by 1. Rick adds to the vacation fund with another win. He wins the Par 3 pots, Ed wins the net birde pot.

June 25, 2022 (Quail Brook)

Mike nips George and Bruce by 1 shot on a wild day at Quail Brook. Hot and sunny with just a few clouds near the end to cool it off a bit. Lots of Jekyll and Hyde scoring and plenty of 7s. The first group had 12 - 7s, the second group had 11 (plus an 8,  a 9 and 2 10s) The other groups had 4 - 7s each. Charlie and Mark could have been contenders except for disasters on 18. Charlie made 3 birdies on the back to win the birdie pot and Mark a Sandy on each nine to win the Sandy pot. George comes out of hibernation on the back nine to finish second and carry Rick to a +10 PM match over Bruce and Dennis. Unfortunately, Ron G hurt his leg looking for balls on 17 and could not finish.

June 23, 2022 (Quail Brook)

3 guys tie with net 69 Ron, Min and Mike but Ron has a nice payday with pots and winning the front nine. Ed and Greg cruised to a PM win +12 over FT and Fitz. The course played very long with most of the tees very far back including the par 5 14th that was playing close to 550 and the 18th at 425. The forecast was grim but we had one short shower and a couple of sprinkles to go with cool temps so a good day for golf.

June 21, 2022 (Neshanic Valley (R/M)

Petro wins by 1 over Mike but the big winner for the day is Jay. Jay eagled the par 4 7th on Meadow - drove the green and sank a 10 footer. He has a Johnny but won the greenie, net eagle, par 3 gross and net plus the back nine. Not bad since he started with an 8 on Ridge 1 and a 10 on Ridge 5.

June 18, 2022 (Warrenbrook)

Mike and Charlie tie with net 67s on a very windy and cool June day. Rick wins the most money with a tie for third place and wins the net birdie pot and ties 2 others. Petro wins more than Charlie by winning the net eagle pot and ties 2 other pots. Lots of looking for balls in the hay and extra time trying to figure out what club to hit. The wind was 2 or 3 clubs on many holes. In partner qualifying matches - both came down to 18 with the self-proclaimed favorites Billy and Andrew winning 1 UP on 18 after Petro and Mark came back from 6 down on the back. Mike and Jim win 2 Up - J Rut missed a 40-foot birdie putt on 18 that would have been a dagger had it gone in - alas it ended up 3 inches right. Mike and Jim made pars to pick up a point and win by 2.

June 16, 2022 (Warrenbrook)

Bruce shoots 67 and wins by 3 over a fast-closing Rick. The rain was heavy right up until our original tee time of 9:20 then we got off by 9:45 without any further rain and cruised around in less than 4 hours with the first group and Bruce walking. Dan hit it very close on 9 and didn't even know it was almost a hole-in-one - he did make the birdie! Greens were in much better shape than the last time we played here however some greens - 13 and 16 have not fully recovered and have rough spots.

June 11, 2022 (Neshanic Valley - R/L)

June 9, 2022 (Neshanic Valley - R/M)

Bruce wins by 2 over Min. It was very windy on the front - the rough was high and the greens were faster than normal. Bruce kept the ball in the short grass all day and he and Min played very well on Meadow. Should be very interesting for WS on Saturday unless they cut the rough.

June 4, 2022 (Green Knoll)

June 3, 2022 (Glen Riddle War Admiral - Maryland)

Another beautiful day in Ocean City and War Admiral took its toll on us - it seemed like every green was raised and there were hidden hazards on many holes. It was cart path only so we often took 3 clubs to the fairways which were wet from heavy rain overnight. Mike wins by 4 over Ed by avoiding the big number. Greg makes the only birdie on a hole that Mike had a 7 and Ed had an 8. This is a great track and difficult - the fairways were not in great shape but the greens were smooth and quicker than the first 2 courses on our trip. Bruce did not play DGA again but thankfully was able to play and his shoulder seemed to be ok (he shot a net 76). The 18th hole was diabolical - long and it had a long carry over the marsh to a raised green. Ed was the only one to go for it in 2 and he did make it over but had to play his 3rd shot out of the hazard. 

June 2, 2022 (Rum Pointe - Maryland)

Beautiful weather again on another great track that Ed said was 'gettable" well it got us instead. Shot of the trip - on the #1 handicap hole 403 yards - Greg is on the fringe in front in 3 and 100 feet from the hole - roles it in for a par and a net eagle. Ed then makes birdie from 30 feet for a net eagle - Mike gets a 1 in 9s for his par. Ed birdies 18 for the second day in a row - this a virtual kick in from 3 feet. Quote for the day from Ed  - "It's been a good run." Second place quote from Mike - When Greg comes down dressed for dinner in a shirt with no collar "Are you going to dinner like that?" Bruce was unsure if he could make it through the round so didn't play DGA but did make it and instead of heading home was able to stay for the finale on Friday. Mike drove Greg and believe it or not did not drive by his ball once. Ed offered $20 to Greg or Bruce to ride with Mike on Friday - no takers!

June 1, 2022 (Links at Lighthouse Sound - Maryland)

What a great track with beautiful views of the sound from nearly every hole. Probably more marsh on this property than fairway. Mike and Greg tie with net 73s - Greg gets super hot on the back with a net 33. Ed sinks a bomb for a birdie on 18 to tie the birdie pot and make a net eagle. Greg sank a couple of bombs and had 8 nets in the last 11 holes. Bruce had the quote of the day - there is a causeway that is visible from many holes that is over Assawoman Bay (believe it) and  he asked if that was the "parkway"  - must have been thinking he was still in NJ - to be fair he was jet lagged after coming back from Hawaii on Tuesday so maybe that led to his question????? Ed told Greg that he could punch him in the balls if he left another putt short (he had more than a few) and Greg was ready to oblige when Ed did leave a couple more short. Bruce reinjured his shoulder mid-way through the round and was barely able to finish - we all helped him nurse his injury with Chianti after the round.