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May 31, 2021 (Green Knoll)

Sunny and pleasant near 70 but quite windy. A very weird day at Green Knoll - Mike survives with a net 85 for a 2 shot win over JD. 19 equities in total. We probably brought some of this on ourselves by telling our 4th that the record for the 6th hole was 32 - Mike then proceeded to make a 12 and Dave an 11. Dave then birdied 8.The greens were in great shape and the course was wet in some places but considering the amount of rain - it was fine. The wind definitely played havoc with a lot of shots.

May 27, 2021 (Warrenbrook)

​Beautiful day on the Course.  Rick Newport wins by one stroke  over Jim Rinaldi.  Once again Dave has his hand in every pot.  Discussion in the parking lot was to start a Go Fund Me to pay for Dave;s ticket to Myrtle Beach. Highlight: one of the members of this group drove off with the wrong cart and clubs.

May 22, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

It was a long wait between the 1st group and the last but that is how long it took to decide todays winner or should I say winners.  Dave Perry and Frank Thiry both came in at Net 68.  Frank scorched the front with a first place Net 29 and cooled off on the back with a Net 39.  Dave was consistant with a Net 34 front and back.  Back to back Saturday's that Dave tied for first.  Frank won Net Birdies with 11, Net Eagles with 3. Dave won Birdies with 3.

Dennis Grote was another big money winner.  Tied the back with Jim Rinaldi with Net 33, tied Greenies with 3 and won Sandies with 2 and Net Par 3's with 9.

Today was PQR day.  There were 8 PQR's played.  Here's the run down, Fitz/Thiry, F (60), Perry/Schuler (62), Rapp/Grote (62), Connors/Rismanchi (64), Canfield/Newport (64), Jeffries/Rinaldi (64), Bylina/Keller, A (65) and Cavallo/Korleski (67).  Everyone has completed at least one PQR.

​May 20, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

Spooky is playing hard and fast. Saturday should be more of the same.  The Tee Time Committee will be taking requests to play with Eddie K.  After watching Dave's 78 on Tuesday, Ed watched Bruce shoot 79 - 64 today. Almost a clean sweep for the pots.  Jim R had 3 Sandies..  Bruce also put it to 6 inches on # 11 for birdie. Min shoots his age +1 from the mens tees !

May 18, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Meadow/Lake)

Picture perfect day on the course.  DaveP continues his winning streak with a very impressive 78 gross - 64 net on his home course and a 9 stoke win.  Dave won every pot except birdies.  No time to warm up for Davey,  out of the car and onto the tee.  All while he got paid for "working."
Rules Committee decision: Swing oil is no longer allowed.

May 15 2021 (Green Knoll)

It was the nicest Saturday of the 2021 golf season.  It finally felt like May.  Dave Perry and George Canfield tied at the top with Net 68.  Dave didn't play well on the front with a Net 38 but once he got the swing oil going he shot a sizzling Net 30 to win the back.  George shot a Net 35 and Net 33 which got him 2nd on the front and the back.  George and Dave also won Gross Par 3's with 13.  Dave tied Net Par 3's with Rich Fitzgerald and John Rutigliano and tied Greenies with Min and Dennis Grote with 2.

John Rutigliano finished tied for third courtesy of a 9 on 15th hole.  He won the front with a Net 33, tied Birdies with 1 and also won Net Birdies (10) and Net Eagles (2) and was the big money winner at $80.30.  Charlie Connors finished tied for third and finished 2nd on the front 9.  Mike Jeffries won Sandies with 2.  Beer line was high at Net 78.

In Partners there were two PQR's.  Greg Cavallo and Ed Korleski shot Net 68 and Dan Price and John Rutigliano shot Net 62 and are first to complete their PQR at 129.  As a reminder please have your PQR score ready immediately after the round to share with the group once arriving in the parking lot.

May 13, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Meadow/Lake)

Ed K gets a ride to and from the course by his lovely bride and rides a beautiful sandy, birdie from the fairway bunker on 7 lake for a 3 stroke victory, a clean sweep in pots and a nice payday for 4 players. We wont menion the 8 on 18.  Neshanic was in great shape. Mid week rounds at Neshanic !!​

May 8, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - World Series Qualifier #2)

​Another October day in May at Neshanic.  It was a World Series qualifier so there was no keeping anyone away.  Dan Price went out in the first group and finished with the win, shooting a net 70.  His first World Series qualifier win since 2008.  He also finished 1st with a Net 33 on the back.  

Sharing the spotlight was Bob Nowark.  He shared 1st on the front with a Net 34, won Birdies, Net Birdies, Net Eagles, Gross and Net Par 3's.  Almost a clean sweep.  He finished 4th but was the big money winner with $90.  Dave Perry won Greenies with 3 and Dennis Grote won Sandies with 2.

Luckily the course was not crowded because reports back were Dave Perry was slower than John Rutigliano today, a first.  The 10th hole was an eternity.  

May 6, 2021 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Meadow)

Cool and breezy at Neshanic but a good day on the course !   Dave and Rick win by 2 over Billy, but Billy wins the most $$$.  Billy wins the Birdie, Net Eagle, and Sandy pots and Shares the P3G and Greenie pots.

​May 4, 2021 (Green Knoll)

Nice turn out on a Tuesday. Fast greens and a Beautiful day on the course. Jim Rinaldi wins by 3 after he realizes the ball washers are back.  We teed off on 10, JimR wins the front and Jr bounces back with a 32 on the back. 2 birds for "Rich" and Rinaldi, 3 greens for EdK. Rick and Dan had two sandies.

May 1, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

May 1st and it still feels like October.  The day started in the 40's and barely got to the 60's.  It must be the right weather for Rich Fitzgerald.  He shot a net 69  and won by a stoke.  He won the back nine with a Net 33, had 8 Net Birdiesalong with Bill Bylina, Bob Nowark and Dave Perry and of course he won Net Par 3's with 9.  Rick Newport won the front (32) and had 3 Greenies.  Gary Yusko was second on the front (35) but finished with a Johnnie, the second one of the year.

The big news of the day was in the fourth group on 13.  Billy Bylina hit driver, hybird and made the 12 foot putt from above the hole for Eagle.  Bill finished with a Net 35 on the back with a big payday overall.

Only two groups were brave enough to complete their PQR's.  The Bobbies shot a Net 63 and Dan Price and John Rutigliano shot a net 67.  Rick Newport and Geogre Canfield could have submitted a Net 62 but decided to defer.