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October 31, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

It was a cool, sunny day with an hour frost delay, but very little wind.  Bob Nowark and Jay Griffith tie for 1st with Net 70.  Congratulations, "sort of" (explanation below) to Babetski/Nowark on their 9th(?) Partners Championship as they defeated Jeffries/Rinaldi +7.  Babo Par'd the 13th and 14th holes to seal the victory. 
EXPLANATION:  As DGA'ers were leaving and heading to their car, they would congratulate the Bobby's on their Victory.  When I asked "Do you mean it?", most of the answers were "Sort of...." 

​October 24, 2020 (Quail Brook)

Jay Griffith goes out in the lead group and never looked back.  He shoots a Net 68 and wins by one shot over Jim Rinaldi.  He and Jim both tied the back with a Net 34.  He also was in the Sandy's pot with 2 and gross par 3's with a 12.  John Rutigliano and Charlie Connors win the front with a net 33.  John also won net birdies with 8 and net par 3's with 9.  A rare day for John but he did manage a 12 on the 16th hole.
We would also like to say good bye and safe travels to Mike Rolph and we'll see you next summer.  Also we'd like to say hello to Reese Evans who make his first appearance since April, baseball season is finally over.  Welcome back.

​October 22, 2020 (Quail Brook)

​Min Minutello has finally done it again and after a tough season came away with a DGA win.  Min shoots a Net 66 and takes a 2 stroke win over Bruce Rapp.  Min won the back with a Net 32 and came in second on the front with a Net 34 and finished with 8 Net Birdies.  Bruce Rapp won the front with a Net 33 and won Net Par 3's with a Net 10.  The Birdie and Net Eagle pots were crowded with 5 players winning both.  Mike Jeffries had 3 Greenies and 2 Sandys.
One notable, Dan Price did hit his provisional off the tee on 16 negative 1 inch.  Luckily he did find his original tee shot.

​October 17, 2020 (Green Knoll)

Mike J nips Jim R by one shot at Green Knoll. Mike birdies 2 of the first 4 holes and survives a lost ball on 18. Course was wet, played long and no roll to speak of on any shots. Only 2 scores under net 80 and the beer line was 82. Blue skies and cool temps. Bob N said "kind of lost my enthusiasm after a 14 on the 5th hole".

​October 15, 2020 (Canoe Brook)

On a perfect golf day Canoe Brook got the best of us with lightening fast greens and tucked pins. We played the "easier of the courses". We had a great host.

​October 15, 2020 (Green Knoll)

Rick wins by 2 despite a bad johnny over Mr. Cavallo. No greens in the group - windy with fast greens, lots of searches. Parking lot discussion held more importance than the very mediocre rounds. Ran out of beers before we finished talking.

October 13, 2020 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Lake)

Cool temps, a little wind and a soggy course were perfect conditions for Rick 'Big Boy' Newport as he cruises around Neshanic Valley and never breaks a sweat defeating Bruce and Jim Rinaldi by 5 and 6 strokes. The group in front let us play through turning what would have been a 5 hour round into a 4 hour round. Course was in good shape considering all the rain from the previous day.  Good Day !

October 10, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

It was a warm summer like day at Spooky Brook and Bob Babetski shoots net 69 and wins by 2 stokes.  He wins the front with a net 32 and tied Dave Perry with 7 Net Birdies.  He was able to get all this done and also win his individual match against Mike Jeffries 4 & 2.  Mike Rolph finished second and won the back with a net 35.  Mansour Rismanchi won the birdie pot with 2 and the net eagle pot with 2.  Jim Rinaldi won the greenie pot with 3 and also won the gross and ties net par 3's with Greg Cavallo and Min Minutello.

October 8, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

​Mike Rolph wins by 8 on a very windy day over Bruce. The greens were fast and the cups unfriendly and it seemed like every pin was leaning - lots of lip outs, 180s and 360s plus several putts glanced off a leaning pin and didn't drop.

October 6, 2020 (Shore Gate)

​Day 2 of the AC Trip and Shore Gate got the best of the field. Dave wins by 3 over Mike R by avoiding the big numbers. Mike R says golf is a dangerous game when he had to hit a shot with a pricker bush in his face. Mike J might have coined a new term when he said Mike R's ball sounded "splaty" when it landed on the the par 3 14th - it was plugged when we finally found it. We probably would have had more fun playing the Gold tees. 3 Johnnies - Mike J, Frank and Larry. This a great track but the maintenance is going south - the bunkers were in terrible shape and many pitch marks on the greens. Thanks again to Frank and Mike R for putting this together - great to have a trip since Innisbrook was cancelled this year.

October 5, 2020 (Ballamor)

​Day 1 of the AC Trip and Dave and Mike R tie with net 75. A challenging course in great shape tested all participants. Plenty of beers after the round until it got dark then some off to watch the Yankee game and football and some to gamble. Perfect weather day.

October 3, 2020 (Warrenbrook)

Bob Babetski and Mike Rolph tie with Net 68's and were the only two to shoot under Par.  Dennis Grote was impressive on his first round back after surgery.  Welcome Back Dennis!  As the second group was walking off the 18th Green, the Warren Police were waiting for them looking for an "Italia".  Apparently when Min missed his Par Putt on 18, it set off his Medic Alert.  The Police just happened to be at the course at the time and responded.  So basically, Min called the Police on himself!!  In the Partners Match Semi-final, Babetski/Nowark cruise to a +13 victory and in true Bobbie's fashion shoot 20 strokes higher as a team on the back nine.  There were two Johnnies on the day.  A big THANKS to World Series Winner Charlie Connors for bringing two cases of post round beverages.   

October 2, 2020 (Green Knoll)

Jim nips hard charging Dave by 1 shot. Jim and Mike win the partners match +2 on the 18th. Jim seals the win with a par on 18. There were plenty of clutch shots and a few others. Mike and Jim led +7 after the front. Then Gary and Dave caught fire and closed to within 3 after the 11th. Jim and Mike scored a point on 15 to move to +4. Dave and Gary won the next 4 points so the match was even heading into 18. Great stuff. Jim and Mike will face the winner of the Bobbies versus WS champ Charlie Connors and Mansour for the Partners title.

October 1, 2020 (Warrenbrook)

Mike Rolph wins by 3 over Rick despite showing up a bit late - He played the first 2 holes with Mike J after the round. He thought that the tee times were 12 and 12:10. He also swept all the pots except for birdies. The round was agonizingly slow - 5 hours and 15 minutes because the Senior League (also known as the "NFL" No Fun League) had a playoff match in front of us).