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October 30, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

Mike J and Babo win by 2 over Bruce "I can't compete" Rapp. The weather turned out beautiful despite the forecast of rain. Most guys were overdressed - expecting rain and cold. The course was wet in spots but the greens were fast. Ron Sr joined us for the festivities and finished in the money with a tie on the front and sharing in a couple of pots. Bob Nowark made the only sandy using his usual putter sand wedge. Now on to the highlights and lowlights. Due to several late drops the 2 foursomes were in front of the 2 threesomes - this made for a very slow front nine due in part to the cart path only rule. When the 2 threesomes arrived on the 10th tee - while they waited they decided to play as a "sixsome" and did so for the next 5 holes - they had no problem keeping up with the second foursome. Apparently one or both of the groups behind us called the clubhouse to let them know we were playing as a sixsome. Our buddy Gary was dispatched to break up our group and told us on the 14th green that we had to revert to threesomes. All this did was slow it up for the the groups behind us. Smart thinking by them. Bruce invited the group directly behind us to join us as a sevensome but they declined and said they did not call the clubhouse. It made for some lively conversation in the parking lot.

October 28, 2021 (Copper Hill)

JR recovers from a mental gaffe on our 4th hole that led to a triple to win by 3 over Rick. Highlight of the day - Min lips out for a hole-in-one on 14 - he ended up 2' 11" away and this didn't even win the closest to the pin for the day - which was 6 inches closer. It was a beautiful sunny and clear fall day. Course was wet but the greens were fast.

October 28, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

Ron SR makes a birdie on the first hole he has played in NJ since 2019.  Ron Gothier nips SR by 1 with a Net 75…but SR wins more money by winning the front 9 and winning or splitting many of the pots.  Meanwhile, Greg had an easy day saying "Nice Shot, Ron" to all of his playing partners.

​October 23, 2021 (Quail Brook)

October 21, 2021 (Quail Brook)

​October 20, 2021 (Cobblestone Creek)

JR prevails by one shot over the rest of the field with a par on 18. JP dominates the pots. Weather was a perfect fall day - sunny 75 and some wind. Rough was penal. JR hit so many great tee shots - right down the stipe while Mike led the field in searches for his tee shots. We got to play a "free" round as a makeup for the NJ Member Day that was called after 10 holes due to thunderstorms this summer. Thanks to JP for his perseverance in finding a date we could all play and setting it up with the course.

October 16, 2021 (Green Knoll)

​Rick Newport laps the field with a 76 / 68 and wins by 6 . Nice shooting Rick !  Rick wins the front and the overall, ties the back and had his hands in a number of other pots.  Ron Gothier shoots 74 with an 11 and comes in second.
"The Champ" was in the parking lot signing autographs after the round
John Rutigliano hosted a VIRTUAL car wash.
Mansour brings the beer for his hole in one
Today's results also include another quiz: 
What can you say on the golf course and in the bedroom ? 
George Canfield wins the prize with:  "Give it to me baby."
Please do not forget to mark equities on the cards.

​October 14, 2021 (Green Knoll)

Beautiful mid-October day, 80's, sunny, slight breeze. Ed wins by 1 over George. Jr. nursing a Fall Classic win hangover.

​October 12, 2021 (Green Knoll)

Per JR - "An uneventful round" - no one hung around - all got in their cars after the round and left - hopefully all bets were paid. Ron G and JR tied for the win and won all the money.

October 9, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

Charlie and Mark had NO trouble with the aerated greens - both holed multiple puts over 10 feet to win by 2 over Andrew. Charlie shot one under gross on the front. Andrew bests JP in the match play final 6 and 4. Jim said the closest he ever got was one down after the 3rd hole. Billy starts with 3 doubles claiming dizziness from his medication but then birdies 3 out of 5 holes from 7 to 11 almost making a hole-in-one on 11 (less than a foot).  Many mistakes on the scorecards as people didn't see JP's email that corrected the handicaps. Ed K claims fatigue from playing with Bob N on Thursday and this his 8th day in a row for his lackluster performance. He did have a special chauffer pick him up after the round. Mike and Ron offered Charlie and Billy $11 for the side be on the 9th tee - they refused and ended up winning $16. Mansour promised to bring beer next week for his hole in one - MJ will bring beer for his win before Tampa the week of 10-23 so we will all be able to get wasted 2 weeks in a row. Charlie and Mark can bring additional libations too.

October 7, 2021 (Innisbrook - Copperhead)

Ron Ceglia Jr makes Day 4 of the 2021 Fall Classic anti-climactic with a sizzling 78/63 to win the day by 9 and the over all tournament by, I lost count.  Ron didn’t miss many shots all day. He wins front, back and overall along with net birds (11) .  Doug Conway wins birdies (1) and P3G with 16.  Babo wins P3N with 13.  Ron Sr was there to pass the torch to Jr.  Ron made it look easy.  A pleasure to watch.  CONGRATULATONS Ron Jr. -  2021 Fall Classic Champion.

October 6, 2021 (Innisbrook - South)

Day 3 Ceglia Jr. wins by 3 over Babo.  (Remember those two names).  Third place is 78 and Beer line is 79.  Ceggy also wins Birdies (2), net birdies (10) and net eagles with (2). D.Perry wins the Sandy pot (2) and Doug Conway wins par 3 gross. Bob Nowark wins the front (36) but fades on the back.  Ceggy Jr starts his charge to the top of the leader board with a 31 on the back. It's a tight race for to the top five of the fall Classic finish. 

October 5, 2021 (Spooky Brook)

George wins by 4. Only commentary was "No one reached Perryville" Oh and George had 3 birdies on the back.

October 5, 2021 (Innisbrook - North)

Day 2 of the 2021 Fall Classic.  We played the North course today.  Just brutal !! ...  as the scores suggest and 4 Net Birds is a winner (Babo) .  Dave Perry is the $$$ winner again. Dave ties with Rapp with NET 80s. Dave also wins greens (3) and Par 3 gross (18).  This is JRut so I have to talk about myself.  I came in third with 81 and I gave Bruce a concussion in the accident last night.

October 4, 2021 (Innisbrook - Copperhead)

Day 1 of the 2021 Fall Classic in Innisbrook.  Bob Nowark jumps out to a two stroke lead by closing strong with a 33 on the back and winning net birds (10).  Greg Cavallo wins the front (30) and neteagles with 3 in a row.  Ceggy Jr wins the birdie ot (2) and EdK wins the greenie pot (3).  We get to do it all over again today. 

October 3, 2021 (Innisbrook - Island)

Ron Ceglia Jr got hot with back to back birdies on #14 and #15 to help win the back 9 and tie for 1st.  Doug Conway helped by making enough net pars to keep the team in the game.  Dave Perry buzzed the hole 5 times for birdies on the front 9 but finally made a 3 footer on #18.  The Keller/Rutigliano team tied for 1st even though JVR didn't think they played well.

October 2, 2021 (Innisbrook - South)

Arrival day at Innisbrook and 6 guys played the South Course in the afternoon.  Ron Ceglia Jr beat Sr by 3 shots.

October 2, 2021 (Warrenbrook)

Head Line - Mansour makes a hole in one on the 9th hole - 112 yrs gap wedge and goes on to win by 3 shots over Jim Rinaldi, rest of the field was an afterthought.  Larry Thiry breaks his one round streak of no equities.  Reminder - please pay more attentions to the scorecards- one group had several math errors and gross a nd net cards did not match.