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Guidelines and Regulations

  1. Two-Man Partner Teams can sign up with the DGA Partners Commissioner (Frank Thiry, copy to Doug Conway) anytime up until May 1st each year in writing via email or in person.  Members can enter the P-Tourney with only one other DGA member (no multiple entries).  The official listing of P-teams will be issued around the first of each month up until May 1st.
  2. Entry fee will be $20 per man ($40 per P-team).
  3. Each P-team will then play two (2) official DGA rounds together in the same group, using the net "best ball" format.  Another DGA'er must be in the same group to verify total net scores, as we do every week.
  4. Rounds can be played any Saturday from first Saturday in April until second Saturday in July.
  5. One round must be played at the assigned course and the second course can be played at any of the five Somerset courses, but not the same course twice.  As in the past, each member must play his own ball throughout the round (the usual weekly DGA medal play always takes priority), and no advice may be given.
  6. The P-teams net "best ball" scores will be promptly submitted at the end of each round to the Partners Commissioner, who will accumulate all scores.  Standings of all P-team best-ball scores will be published semi-monthly to keep all members up-to-date.
  7. Each P-teams two rounds of net "best ball" scores will be tabulated together, and the 8 P-teams with the lowest net "best ball" scores for both 2-rounds combined will then qualify for the quarter-finals.
  8. Upon completion of the Qualifying Round, the P-teams will be seeded for the team quarter-finals, with the lowest score team designated as the 1-seed, etc.  The 1-seed will play the 8-seed, 2-seed will play the 7-seed, 3-seed will play the 6-seed, and 4-seed will play the 5-seed.
  9. In case of ties, the lower score by the P-Team at that year's "Host Course"  will rule.  As a second tie-breaker, the P-Team which completes both their PQR's first, will rule.
  10. The Eight (8) quarter-final P-teams will proceed to play the normal "bessie/aggie" partners match off the low man's handicap, as has been played in all the years past.  All Partner play-off matches can be played at any course and on any day of the week.
  11. The Eight (8) P-team playoff deadlines will be as follows:
  12. ​Quarter-finals rounds must be completed by the 2nd Saturday of September
  13. Semi-final rounds must be completed by the 3rd Saturday of October
  14. Championship finals must be completed by the season's end of November 15th
  15. Prize distributions will be awarded as in the past, starting with the 4 quarter-final winners.  The exact prize monies will be determined after May 1st… once the total number of P-teams is known.

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