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April 29, 2017 (Warrenbrook)

Dan Price and Jim Rinaldi tie with 69. Standing water in the rough and traps with water made for some interesting shots if you strayed off the fairway. Rutigliano and Price defeat Grote and Rapp on a match of cards. Bob Nowark wins $29 despite shooting net 80. Dave Ellis brings a guest - Mike Byrne who plays fast and well!

April 27, 2017 (Fox Hollow)

Min romps to an 8 shot win on a great spring day despite taking a 6 on the final par 3. Greens were still bumpy but that didn't bother Min who holed 150 feet of putts. Jim Rinaldi misses holing out for another eagle by 2 inches. 

April 22, 2017 (Spooky Brook)

​It was a cloudy, rainy day at Spooky Brook.  The second group passed the lead group and the threesome finished 45 minutes ahead of the next group.  The quick play and lack of rain was enough of a help for Mansour Rismanchi as he shot a net 65 winning by one stroke.  He also won the back nine with a net 32.  The front 9 was won by Ron Emma who was deadly with his wedges and putter and shot a net 30 on the front.  Frankie Thiry finished second but also won net birdies (13) and net eagles (4).  One noteable, Wally Heda was net 8 to win Net Par 3's.

In Match play Jay Griffith took advantage of Mike Jeffries putting woes and cruised to a 6 & 5 win.  It occured to Rich Fitzgerald and Min Minutello that they were paired in Match play so they played.  Rich came away with a 2 & 1 win.  Congratulations to both Jay and Rich.

April 19, 2017 (Neshanic Valley - Meadow/Lake)

On a cold and breezy afternoon, Jim Rinaldi caught fire on the Lake (back) nine.  Jim birdied #3 Lake, birdied #4 Lake when his 2nd shot stopped 8 inches from the hole and then EAGLED the #5 Par 5 Lake when his 75 yard shot flew in the hole.  Min Minutello had a chance until he made a 10 on the last hole.

April 15, 2017 (Green Knoll)

Green Knoll was not in the best shape but that didn’t bother Greg Cavallo who shot Net 68 for a 2 stroke win.  Only three players were under Par and the Beer Line was 76.   The front seemed to play more difficult as there were a pair of Net 52’s.  Dave Perry was in the hazard in front of #8 and decided to remove shoes and socks to play the shot…  People questioned if they would do the same on the way to shooting a Net 44, but at least he TRIES on EVERY shot even if it means having to get a tetanus shot!

April 8, 2017 (Neshanic Valley - Lake/Meadow)

Constant 20 MPH wind and cold temps made Neshanic Valley play VERY tough, at least it was Sunny!  We played the rare combination of Lake/Meadow.  Jim Petronchak gets the Win with a Net 77.    The Beer Line was 80 and there were a couple of Johnnie's.   In a heated Match Play, Price defeats Rinaldi 6 & 4.  Larry Thiry's back must have been bothering him as there were several errors on the score CARDS from the last group.  Hey Mike J., comments welcomed...    

April 2, 2017 (Cliffs at Walnut Cove)

Another Top Ten Day!  This course was top rate!  Mike Rolph continued his consistent play and got a 2 shot win over Reese Evans.  A couple of stories….Jim Rinaldi had a couple of tough holes early and was thinking that he made an 8…when he had marked is ball on the green in 7...and forgot he hadn't holed out yet!  When reminded, he missed the putt and made a 9....then Joe Musella closed out Jim in the Commissioners Cup match 4 & 3 after 6 holes and proceeded to make 10-9 the next 2 holes.

April 1, 2017 (Cliffs at Valley)

A Top Ten day!  Sunny, no clouds in the sky and mid 70s temps.  Min Minutello nipped Ron Emma by 1 shot with a Net 69,  Ron recovered nicely from a 10 on the back 9 and almost pulled it out.

April 1, 2017 (Opening Day-Quail Brook)

It was probably one of the more uninspiring opening days.  Actually a bigger opening day in North Carolina.  An original group of 12 whittled down to 8.   Cold, damp and soggy conditions keep a few away.  After some brief confusion at the start Bob Babetski managed to do enough good things to come away with a net 75 and the win.  He had a strong front and just a few bad holes on the back.  Although he was the winner, Bruce Rapp was the big money winner.  He was in the net birdie, sandies, net par 3 and gross par 3 pots.  Bob picks up the first WS points with 2.