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We have the room from 12 to 3 - the DGA will pick up the cost of lunch and beverages.  Meeting will start at 1 PM - if you plan to have lunch we suggest you arrive before 12:30.  For those playing golf that day - suggest you get earlier tee times than normal if possible.

If you are unable to attend but would like to participate join us on google meets.


DGA 2022 Annual Meeting Information

If you have a proposal for the meeting – please only send it to Mike and Jim by 3-15. This will allow the rookies to assemble it into the package and ask clarifying questions if necessary. 

The submitted proposals will be sent out to everyone by Thursday 3-17. 


  1. State your proposal 
  2. Explain why you are submitting it 

Last year’s proposals are on the website – you can see what was submitted by going to the Info and Rules section of the website under 2021 along with the current rules package. 

Meeting Process: 

  • There must have a quorum of active members to consider any new proposals. To have a Quorum, 50% or more of the Active Members must be in attendance either in person or via an approved remote access application such as Zoom. 
  • The person submitting the proposal to explain their rationale before any questions or rebuttals are submitted.  Roberts Rules of Order state: 
    • One person speaks at a time. 
    • Discussion normally should be completed in 5 minutes or so but can go longer if this is a complicated proposal 
    • No amendments are allowed until a proposal is seconded and voted upon. 
  • Once a proposal has been proposed and seconded, a vote will be taken.  2/3 of the Active Members present must vote to approve the proposal for it to be enacted.  If the result of 2/3 of the Active Members present is not a whole number round up to nearest whole number (i.e. if 25 active members are present, 2/3 = 16.66 becomes 17 votes needed for approval). 
  • All approved proposals will be documented and incorporated into the rules package and the website will be updated. 

Additional Notes on Voting Eligibility: 

  • If you have not paid your 2021 losses prior to the meeting, you cannot vote. Reminder that your 2022 dues need to be paid by April 1st. 
  • If you are electing lifetime status, this must be submitted prior to the meeting – lifetime members cannot vote.