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January 30, 2023 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Lake)

Rick and Jim R tie with net 74. The weather was as good as it gets in late January at Neshanic - 55 and no wind to speak of. Everyone had at least one short putt that they missed and some had more than that. Greens had dozens of unfixed ball marks and were slow comparied to Spooky and Quail. Rick and George won a whopping $1 in the match. We had a contest on Lake 18 - everyone was in for $1 and you had to clear the hazzard on your second shot - Rick was the only one who didn't so the rest of us split his $1! We scrambled Sunday to find a tee time for Monday instead of Tuesday when the weather starts going downhill.

January 28, 2023 (Spooky Brook)

A pretty nice day for the end of January with 14 DGA members coming out and 2 guests. Jim Rinaldi beats Billy Bylina by 1. Jim Petronchak had 3 birdies but missed a few short putts that may have put him in the lead. Lots of sandys which is surprising because the bunkers are a mess. Frankie DQd on 17

after 5 in the water but still shares par 3 net with Min. 

January 24, 2023 (Spooky Brook)

Rick continues his recent hot streak with a 5-shot win over MJ and JP. It was sunny but very windy. 2 times one of us reached a hole in regulation against the wind. The greens continue to be fast this winter.

January 21, 2023 (Quail Brook)

Rick makes quite a few great shots in the short game to win by 4 over Min and JP. This was a much more pleasant day than last Saturday - cold but the wind stayed down for most of the day.

January 17, 2023 (Quail Brook)

Compared to last Saturday, today was very pleasant - just a few degrees warmer but no wind! Rick wins by 3 over MJ and JR with steady play on both sides.

January 14, 2023 (Spooky Brook)

It was very cold and windy today and 4 brave (?) souls including our elder statesman played. Jim and Jim tied. Junk was limited - there were probably 4 legit birdie chances and a couple of sandy chances - none were converted.

January 12, 2023 (McCollough Emerald GC)

Jim and Rick took full advantage of their Caliendo handicaps in trouncing JR and MJ. Jim P wins by 1 over Rick making a great save on the 18th hole. Course was in great shape overall - the greens were fast and if you were in the wrong spot on the green good luck. Both JP and Rick cashed in the Caliendo. Another great January day with temps in the 50s and the rain held off until we finished.

January 10, 2023 (Quail Brook)

Mike wins by 3 over JR on a cloudy overcast day with temps in the low 40s. Rick probably saved himself some money by opting out with the stitches in his back. Petro started out the back red hot but faded with a couple of errant tee shots on 17 and 18.

January 7, 2023 (Quail Brook)

Jim P got a "golfing intervention from a good friend" after a dreadful Thursday round in Caliendo and wins by 6 shots over Billy "my elbow is killing me as he hits every drive straight down the middle"! The same friend gave Billy some advice to get rid of the elbow pain! Charlie would have put MJ in last place if not for an adventure on 17 - he has a diagram of his shots if you would like to see them. Lots of laughs on a pleasant January day - course played more like early April - soft with very little role. All those guys who only play when it is 50 and above are missing some great golf weather - just sayin!

January 5, 2023 (Deal CC)

The weather was colder than forecast - overcast, damp, with plenty of fog to start. Mike holds off JR to win by 1 shot. The course was doing work on the #1 hole a par 5 and changed it to a par 3. As usual the greens were very fast for the conditions. Mike finished 2nd in the Caliendo and JR was 3rd. JP decided not to play DGA and his first swing on our first hole the par 3 13th was inside 2 feet for an easy birdie - he also won closest to the pin and a senior skin on the hole. He would have shot net 72 in DGA. As he said "my best shot was my first swing".