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July 29, 2024 (Quail Brook)

Ed and Rick tie with 67's, Dan wins the front and Rick wins the back. Lots for match play activity. In Partners, Charlie/Mark nip Mike/Jim R +1. In Individual, Greg over Andrew 2 and 1, Dan over Bob N 3 and 1, George Canfield over Dennis 5 and 4, Rick over Frankie 3 and 2

July 27, 2024 (Neshanic Valley (R/M)

Eddie K catches fire on the back nine and wins by 5. 

July 24, 2024 (Neshanic Valley (R/M)

Finished the round just before the skies opened up. Dave Perry shoots 77 - 67 to win by 11 shots. DP wins front, back and overall as well as birdies and nets. Ed wins the Par 3 pots.  

July 22, 2023 (Green Knoll)

John Rutigliano drinks from the Greg Cavallo fountain and shoots a Net 67 for a 5 stroke win.  He wins the front (Net 35), back (Net 32), Net Birdies (8) and Par 3 Net's (10). 

George Canfield finishes second with a Net 72, ties the front for second with a Net 37, wins Greenies (2) and Gross Par 3's (12)

In a grueling match Bob Nowark and Dan Price battle to a tie.  They will do it again next week.

July 15, 2023 (Neshanic Valley R/L)

Well it certainly looks like Charlie Connors is back.  Shoots a net 68/gross 78 for a 3 stroke win.  He had won Net Birdies with 9 and Greenies with 3 and Gross and Net Par 3's.  Overall a very good day.  This should put him on the right track.

Jim Petronchak had 3 Birdies and 3 Net Eagles and although finishing 6th he won money.  A rare Shawn Smith apperance as he ties George Canfield on the front with a Net 34.  Fitz and Charlie won the back with a Net 33.

In Partners Mike and Jim defeated Min and Ron Jr +3.

July 15, 2023 (Neshanic Valley R/M)

It was the lone foursome at Neshanic.  Everyone else played Ridge/Lake but this was the lone Ridge/Meadow foursome.  John Rutigliano had a good Johnnie with a net 31 on the back.  Helped out by hitting all 7 fairways.  Andrew Keller tied first with a Net 72 and his first sub gross 90 round of the year.  JRut and Billy Bylina spilt up all the pots.  A little better putting and Billy would have cleaned up.

Grote/Rutigliano defeated Bylina/Keller in their Partners match +5.

July 13, 2024 (Neshanic Valley R/M)

Quite a day at hot steamy NV on Thursday. Ed Eagles the par 5 4th hole on Meadow with Driver 6 Iron and a 10-foot putt. He buys a round in celebration - thanks Ed. JP starts with birdies on the first 2 holes on his way to a 2-shot win over Ed and Bruce. JP had 4 or 5 more birdie looks. Ed defeats Jim R 1 Up - he was 3 up with 3 to go and had to save par from the first hole on Meadow to pull out the victory. 

July 8, 2023 (Warrenbrook - World Series Qualifier #4)

Greg Cavallo shoots a blistering 62 - winning the front back and overall to win World Series. Dan Price shoots 66 to win the second most money - his sandy was the only one of the day. Weather was hot and steamy 90. Play was slow as usual at WB with one group falling 3 holes behind and being passed by our lone threesome. In Match Play - Min defeats MJ, Fitz rolls past Billy and Petro hangs on to win 1 up after losing a 4 up lead with 6 holes to go. In Partners Greg and Ed defeated Mark and Charlie - they elected to play Stableford for their match with - Greg and Ed had 46 points to win easily.

July 6, 2023 (Rock Spring)

Bruce drives the ball straight and stayed out of the rough for most of the day and cruises to a 7-shop win. It was a hot and steamy day on a difficult course. The rough was punishing and every green was guarded by at least one deep bunker - if you missed your approach shot - you were almost guaranteed to have it roll into the bunker. Thanks to Jorge from Green Knoll for setting this up.

July 3, 2023 (Neshanic Valley R/L)

It was an up and down day for all of us but in the end Bruce Rapp was the most consistent. He shot a net 74 and beat George Canfield by one stroke.  Lake #8 did in George as he finished with a 7.  Bruce also won the Greenie pot.

July 1, 2023 (Quail Brook)

Sometimes those unassuming Saturday rounds turn out to be exceptional.  Dave Ellis won the front (Net 30), the back (Net 33), the overall (Net 63) and was in every pot except Sandies and that's only because Mike Jeffries holed out from the back bunker on 8 for a double Sandy.  That results in a total winning of $147.30.  May not be the highest of all time but we haven't seen a number that high in a while. 

But as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.  Dave's round is considered an exceptional round.  Dave's index going into yesterday was 18.8.  The handicap index for his round was 11.2, net difference 7.6.  

USGA Handicap Ruling:
If the Score Differential is between 7.0 and 9.9 strokes better, a -1 adjustment is applied to each of the most recent 20 Score Differentials in your scoring record. This has a net impact of reducing the Handicap Index by 1 stroke.

Well if that wasn't exceptional enough, we did have another exceptional moment on the golf course yesterday.  Bob Babetski had an Eagle on #3.  115 yards out with a 9 iron.  Congratulations Bob.