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June 30, 2020 (Quail Brook)

Bruce Rapp continues his hot play (soon to be a 12 handicap) with a one-shot win over Jim Rinaldi. Tees were way back and a lot of pin positions had subtle breaks at the cup. Mike Jeffries ties a career low by making 18 feet of putts.

That is for you Brucie!

June 27, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

It was overcast with the thread of heavy rain all day at Spooky Brook but the rain held off other than a few sprinkles long enough for two out of the three gross 70's guys to tied for first.  Jim Rinaldi shot a gross 77 for a net 68 and Ed Korleski shot a gross 79 for a net 68.  Jim tied John DeSimone with a net 32 on the front as Ed was very steady all day with a 34/34.  Billy Bylina did shot a gross 77 but finished 4th but he and Rich Fitzgerald tied the back with 33's.

John DeSimone took Net Birdies (9) and Net Eagles (3) and Jim Rinaldi and Billy Bylina both had 3 Greenies.  Sandies, did I mention Sandies?  Well that's a story on its own.

John Rutigliano and Bruce Rapp played their match today.  It was all square going into 15.  Bruce got a 5 and John had 5 feet for par.  Bruce won the hole after John finished with an 8.  That's right a 6 putt for JR (mentioned only under duress).  Bruce is 1 up.  On 16 Bruce hits into the bunker, John pars.  Bruce then makes a spectular 10 footer for par and Sandie #1.  John wins 17, all tied going into 18. John's on in 3 finishes with par, Bruce hits his 4th shot out of the left hand bunker across to the other side of the green to 3 feet, Sandie #2.  Great match and they'll do it again next week.

Did I mention that great par on 16?

In Partners news Connors and Rismanchi shot 66 in their second PQR finishing 66/66 - 132.  Ron Ceglia Jr and Rick Newport shot 65 in their second PQR finishing 71/65 - 136.

June 25, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

Bruce shoots well on both nines for a 66 and wins by 2 over Rick who breaks through for his first winning day by finishing second and winning the birdie pot. Petro and Jay started their PQR with a hot 31 but faded on the back for a 66.

June 23, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

​​Mike cruises to an 8 shot win over Minny on a hot, humid day. Mike had 11 pars and one birdie on his way to a gross 78. Frank's nephew Russ joined us for a pleasant 4 hour round - we kept up comfortably with the group in front and the group behind us only got close when there were a few errant shots on 17. Thanks to Frank and Russ for providing beer and they even had subs but Min and Mike declined since they were made yesterday. Thinking about you Brucie!

June 20, 2020 (Quail Brook)

Happy Father's Day to all DGA Fathers..  Of course that means you're all Motherfu..... Nevermind!  The day started off with many discussions.  First was Charlie Connors walking up and down the driving range asking a rulings question that actually didn't apply to him the previous week at Warren Brook.  The other discussion was the Scorecard issue which even the Staff at the course weren't on the same page.  Rismanchi wins the day with a Net 68.  Four guys had Johnny's or worse on the back nine.  In Match play, Rinaldi defeated Ceglia, Jr 4 & 3.  Many PQR's were played and Frank Thiry will provide details on those rounds.  One highlight (?) would be that the Thiry Brothers PQR was -10 after 14 holes, unfortunately they took Net Double Bogey's on 15,16,17 &18.  

June 18, 2020 (Quail Brook)

The day started out somewhat bleak and overcast, with sporatic drizzles.  Temps were in the high 60's, but the day got nicer on the back nine.  Dan Price plays a consistent and steady 68 to capture 1st place, 5 shots ahead of FT, DGA. There existed some confusion with scorecards, as the copy from the internet differed on four holes as compared to the scorecards obtained from the course (recently dated 5/2019).  The consensus of those playing went with the standard course scorecards over the internet version, which appeared to be out-of-date.  On the "Oh No!" side of things, LT and FT decided NOT to play their PQR, but would have had a decent score of 64 had they played.​

June 16, 2020 (Neshanic Valley - Ridge/Lake)

WELCOME BACK MINNY !  It was Great to see you out there again.  You have been missed. Jim Rinaldi survives dreadful scores from Bruce and Minny and "Inna" who Bruce called Essa about 32 times.  Might as well have called her Jeffris.  Beautiful day on the course !  ​

Warrenbrook - World Series Qualifier #1 - (June 13, 2020)

It was World Series qualifying time at Warrenbrook and it couldn't have been a nicer day.  There was handicap confusion but in the end it all worked out for Dave Perry.  Congratulations Dave.  Dave shot an impressive Net 30 on the back nine to capture his 11th World Series qualifier.  Dave also shared Net Birds with Bob Nowark with 9 and Net Eagles with almost half the field.  Bob Nowark came in second but is now the World Series Aggregate leader, three stroke ahead of our current World Series Champion, Mansour Rismanchi.

Other notables - Jim Petronchak had 4 birdies, Charlie Connors won Greenies with 2 and Rich Fitzgerald, Jay Griffith and Frank Thiry tied Net Par 3's with 10.  The Bobbies had their first PQR and shot a net 62.  Good shooting.  In Match play, Charlie Connor defeateed Bill Bylina 4 & 2 and Jim Rinaldi and Ron Ceglia Jr. tied in Match Play.

It was a good time afterwards in the parking lot and the consensus is we'll be in the parking lot again next week.  Don't forget to bring some snacks.

June 11, 2020 (Warrenbrook)

Jim Rinaldi shoots a stellar 77 gross 67 net to beat Bruce by 3 shots. Ron JR wins the most money by grabbing a share of every pot. He was in the hunt for the win until he hit a couple of very wayward tee shots on 17 and 18.

June 9, 2020 (Spooky Brook)

Ron Jr rides a blazing start to an easy 5 shot win over Jim R. Mike records 4 greenies and wins the second most money. The new corona cups were much better than Neshanic and it was pretty much like regular putting with the flag in. There were definetily some putts that would have counted last week that didn't fall this week.

June 6, 2020 (Neshanic Valley - R/L)

On a warm and muggy day Ed K has 3 birdies including the 18th hole on Lake to win by 2 over John D. Basically everyone in the field got hosed by the cup setup and most of us more than once. It made for some interesting "conversation" after the round. The rough was high and only the top five guys broke net 80. Congrats to Rick Newport for completing his 6 qualifying rounds in just 2 weeks. After paying out regularly during his qualifying he jokingly hoped we wouldn't vote him in. Not a chance.

June 4, 2020 (Neshanic Valley - ML)

​Mike Jeffries wins this split group by 1 over Jim Rinaldi. Rough was very high and thick and the pin setup was much different than what we have been playing. The first group elected to remove the pins while our group left them in so we split the results.

June 2, 2020 (Quail Brook)

Mike Jeffries avoids big numbers and wins by 2 over Bruce with a 67. We played the back nine first. Tons of junk in the match 10 for Bruce and Rick and 7 for Mike and Jim - Bruce records 5 pieces of junk in the first 4 holes of our back nine. He also chipped in twice and had a piece of every pot. Rick had numerous birdie puts but every one seemed to have a lot of break otherwise he might have had 6 birdies.