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May 28, 2022 (Warrenbrook)

Our first trip of the year to Warrenbrook and it was a small turnout for Memorial Day weekend.  There was a 30 minute downpour but everyone did finish.  Dennis Grote shoots a Net 69 and wins by two shots.  He wins the front with a Net 32 and wins the Sandies pot.  Rutigliano and Price who finished tied for second, tie the back nine along with Ceglia Jr with Net 33.

Minny wins the Net Eagle pot along with Dan Price but more notably he wins Net Par 3's with a net 7.

Several Match qualifiers were played yesterday.  Get your matches in, time is running out, you have only until June 30th.

May 26, 2022 (Warrenbrook)

Wow what a day for 2 of the 4 guys - Congrats to Dan Price who betters his age by 2 shots with a Gross 82 and a Net 60! He had eight nets on the back for a stellar 28. Also, Congrats to Jim Rinaldi who shoots 1 over par 72 for a net 65. Mike and Rick were merely spectators and very glad they weren't teammates in the side bet! Here is the real strange part of the round - Dan played from the regular tees and the rest of us played from the senior tees - so much for the advantage.

May 21, 2022 (Spooky Brook)

Ron Jr was bombing his driver and except for a mess on 3 and a ball he hit out of the water on 13 that led to a double (video is available)  probably would have shot 65 or better - he wins by 2 over Billy and Greg ("my best round of the year"). The early group was very early starting at 7:10 and although we haven't played that early in quite some time they were mighty glad to get off the course before the real heat and humidity rolled in. Stage House continues to give the second round for free and service and food is excellent.

May 19, 2022 (Spooky Brook)

May 14, 2022 (Green Knoll - WS Qualifier #2)

The weather held out long enough to get WS Qualifier #2 at Green Knoll in the books.  Jim Rinaldi shoots a strong front 9 with a net 33 and finished with a net 69 and beats the WS Commissioner by one stroke.  The rest of the field was over par for the day with the beer line at 79, so it was a two man battle.  Jim won the front and was in the Birdie, Greenie, Sandy and Gross Par 3 pots.  Jim is our second WS qualifier in 2022.  

Although it didn't show on the scorecard Bob Nowark was the other big money winner. He won the back 9, Net Birdies, Net Eagles and was in the Net Par 3 pot. Finished 7th but won over $60.

All the Silver Tee discussion, today three players elected to play the silver tees.  All three players finished in the bottom 5.  I guess this week it wasn't such an advantage.

May 12, 2022 (Green Knoll)

Only four played a World Series prep. Thick rough and furry greens but no one played from the nine and wine tees.  A great day on the course.  Bruce spits the bit coming down the home stretch and loses a 7 stroke lead on the last 4 holes to George who finished strong on the back 9 and catches  Bruce on 18.

May 5, 2022 (Quail Brook)

May 3, 2022 (High Bridge Hills - Red/White)

Mike pars the last 2 holes to nip JP by one shot. Rick started hot but faded on the back. Mike started slow but finished strong. JP played steady until a disastrous 18. Lots of 5 foot come back putts as greens were fast with plenty of break near the cup. JR was a late scratch with a twisted ankle. Nice taking some $ out of Rick's pocket after the last few weeks!