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November 29, 2022 (Spooky Brook)

Mike rolls in a couple of long putts to hold off Rick and JP by 2 shots. It was in the 40s but with little or no wind quite pleasant for a late November day.

November 26, 2022 (Spooky Brook)

Greg (did you see my ball) wins by 2 over 3 guys on a great November day weather wise - 50s with some wind. Twice Greg asks 'did anyone see my ball") of course both times on 9 and 17 it was on the green and he made par! Love ya man! Reese returns to weekend golf now that baseball season is over for his son and ties the birdie and sandy pots. Min wins the front by 3 and also the net par 3. Still going strong at 92 and now wants the contact number for Grandma Joy (also 92) who has visited 62 national parks including one in the artic circle in the last 7 years - she needs one more to have visited all 63 you can read about her adventures in People magazine or on line. 

November 22, 2022 (Fiddler's Elbow Meadow)

A tough round at Fiddlers - the rough was very high and they hadn't cut the fairways in weeks or so it seemed so no run out on shots. Pretty rare to have 5 par 3s and zero greens. Amazingly - Rick only finished one shot out of the money in Caliendo because of the tough scoring conditions. Reese returns to competitive DGA play after an 8-month hiatus due to his son's baseball schedule.

November 14, 2022 (Neshanic Valley - Meadow/Lake)

A sunny, windy and cold day to start at Neshanic - by the end of the round it was pleasant - we have had so many warm November days that it was a bit of a shock to the system. Greens were fast and the rough was high and combined with the wind made for challenging scoring. Rick comes alive on the back to nip Mike by one shot in the final NJ counter for 2022. We played in 3 hours and 10 minutes.

November 12, 2022 (Spooky Brook)

A breezy day with lots of sun later in the round - great temps for Mid November -70. Mike and George tie with net 70s - George had a solid front and Mike was low on the back - in fact the only player to score better on the back than the front. Greens were still bumpy with the aeration holes not fully healed. Chuck's brother was our guest - George is solid player and maybe Chuck can convince him to give the DGA a try. How long have we known Charlie and didn't know his family calls him Chuck!

November 10. 2022 (Copper Hill)

A beautiful fall day - 70 and sunny. Min wins by 1 shot over Rick. The greens were ridiculously fast and the rough was high. Unfortunately the course declared cart path only at the last minute making for a long round. Plus you had to use their hand carts if you weren't riding. This didn't make many people happy and it is a credit to Min that he no only finished but won! The last time we played the course Min won the 2021 championship with a 63 or something like that!

November 8, 2022 (Quail Brook)

A windy day and quite a bit cooler than the last few days. Congrats to Min who wins virtually everything as he nears his 92nd birthday.

November 5, 2022 (Quail Brook)

It was a spectacular fall day at QB but only 6 guys signed up to play - everyone else missed a top 10 day. Mike nips Min by 1 shot. Min and Ron Jr win the partner's championship +7. In what Min described as an ugly win but a win is a win. Min and Ron led by 2 after 9 and Min made par on 14 to put them +5 and then made par on net par on 15 to keep them +5. Ron closed it out with a par on 16. This is Min's second partner win and Ron's first.

November 3, 2022 (Heron Glen)

Mike survives crashing his cart twice - once in a bunker and wins by 4 over Min in the opening Caliendo event. Heron Glen played surprisingly tough in the warm weather - with greens fast and fairways not so much.  Jim P had the lowlight of the day with a 4 putt from 18 inches - might have lost concentration when he missed the second one! Mike is considering taking driving lessons from Abby who got her license today!

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