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September 30, 2023 (Warrenbrook)

The course was wet and muddy from rain during the week and we had a bit of a drizzly rain for the first nine holes.  Reese and Jim P shoot net par in tough conditions.  Reese finished strong with a birdie on 18. Ed  heated up on the back 9 but got unlucky on 18 when his tee shot, which was crushed into the top of the big tree on the right side of fairway, came to rest straight down up against back of the tree trunk. George Canfield had a nice front nine and it looks like was going strong on the back until hole 17. I'm not sure what happened but George's foursome had a total 31 strokes on the 17th. Greg and Dan made a game day decision to play their match in these tough conditions and Greg wins 6&5. At the bar there was much discussion about the issues around the handicaps from the senior tees. The DGA applies the blue tee handicaps for all players including those playing from the senior tees and in match play the holes where strokes are given are based on the blue tee handicaps. Also, some discussion about returning to playing the ball down in the bunkers rather than being allowed to rake.

September 28, 2023 (Spooky Brook)

Cool, cloudy day at Spooky Brook, low 60's. Greens were not punched as first thought. Dan wins by 1 over Reese, Min and Jim R.   Min shoots his age --- how good is that?   In the Semi-Final Match Play match, Greg survives over Rick 3 and 2. 

​September 21, 2023 (Quail Brook)

Mike and Reese tie with 69s on a picture-perfect September day - sunny and 75. Jim Petronchak probably would have one except for a 9 on 12. We started on number 10 today. The first group flew around the course while the second group finished in a respectable 4:15 despite searching for a number of balls and one runaway cart - thankfully there was no water on the hole the cart took off!

September 16, 2023 (Spooky Brook)

It was an absolutely beautiful September day for golfing. Started off a little chilly and warmed up. Dan Price continues his great play and got off to a hot start on the front nine with a net 32 and wins by one stroke over George Connors and Bob Babetski for the overall. Bob Babetski put a new shaft on his driver and it was working with drives going very long and straight. We all need this new shaft. I think Mark S. already ordered one while we were at the bar. George has a hole-in-one on 16!! It was playing 146 to a middle pin. He used a 9 iron which hit the front of the green and rolled in. They didn't know it went in until they got to the green. There was much debate, mostly from Charlie, about why he would hit a nine iron there but Charlie shut up as soon as George finally bought a round. The hole-in-one is not included as an eagle in the results because my understanding is there is a separate process to reward DGA members for hole-in-ones. Scorecards: please make sure equities are marked correctly on the card, make sure gross scores minus handicap equal the net scores, let the person doing results know if you had an updated handicap for the round that was not reflected on the tee sheet and make sure the scores on the card are legible (especially the front nine net score which seems to get folded, smudged and god knows what else that makes it hard to read).  

September 14, 2023 (Spooky Brook)

George nips Reese by 1 on a picture-perfect late summer day with temps rising to near 80. Ron Jr and Min easily won the partners match +9.

September 9, 2023 - (Beaver Brook-World Series Championship)

​​This year the DGA went back to an old favorite Beaver Brook Country Club.  It was a no frills event, we even had to put out our own contest markers.  Even with all the World Series commotion, World Series Commish John Rutigliano came away with a 4 stroke win.  He shot a Net 69, won the front with a Net 31, tied for second on the back with a Net 38.  He won Net Birdies, Net Eagles and Net Par 3's.  

Billy Bylina, unofficially wins best dressed but also won the back, Net 37.  He also won Birdies and had his hand in the Gross Par 3 pot and finished 3rd, Net 74.

But of course the day belonged to Bob Babetski.  He shot Net 73 and beat Billy Bylina by a stroke.  Bob becomes the first DGA World Series Champion to win in back to back years.  It is his 4th World Series victory and puts him in 2nd place for most WS victory's.  More to come from the Commissioner.  Congradulations Bob.

September 7, 2023 (Beaver Brook)

The group decided to play the White Tees, the Blacks were just a long way.  Greg Risoldi one of our newest Prospective Members wins the WS warm ups with a Net 74.  Jim Rinaldi wins most of the money by winning Birdies, Greenies, Gross and Net Par 3's.

September 2, 2023 (Warrenbrook)

Charlie wins by 1 over George. Dan wins over Fitz 1 Up. New guy Greg starts out like a house on fire then comes back to reality on the back.