August 3, 2019 (Green Knoll)

Dave Perry returns from SC and wins by 1 over Andrew (soon to have a lower handicap) Keller.  Lots of low scores with good weather conditions, soft greens, fairways were a little beat but mostly playable.  Decent DGA turnout for a change, including our FL Keys member who finished 3rd.  In Match Play, Andrew defeated Fitz and Evans defeated Rinaldi.  Our last group was played through early in the round and came a little late to the bar.

​August 7, 2019 (Shackamaxon)

4 DGA members were guests of Jim R and our host Jay. We dodged the weather - playing in under 4 hours despite being held up on 17 and 18. We walked off the 18th just before a thunderstorm came through. Jim P wins with a 74 as the course played tough - typical Tillinghast course with lots of bunkers guarding the greens and in strategic positions in the fairways.

August 8, 2019 (Rock Spring)

​3 DGA members played the former private course in West Orange - no carts due to the rain yesterday so it made for a lot of exercise. Course has only 2 par 5s and 6 par 4s over 400 yards - lots of drive and fairway metal to the greens. Course was in good shape despite the rain. Jim Rinalidi wins by 1 over Mike and Petro.

​​August 10, 2019 (Warrenbrook - World Series Qualifier #5)

Our first fifth qualifier was a success.  The weather at Warrenbrook was perfect.  Rich Fitzgerald made a rare request for an early tee time.  Judging on the results I think he should play early more often.  Although it certainly wasn't looking good at the turn since his net 34 was 5 stokes off Mansour Rismanchi and Dave Perry's Net 29's.  But Rich proceeded to shoot Net 28 on the back and finish one stoke ahead of Mansour with a Net 62.  This will be the second year in a row that Rich has won the Warrenbrook qualifier and this will be his 6th time in World Series.  More from the Commissioner later.

We also had our annual visit from Ron Ceglia Sr. and once again he is filling his pockets with DGA money.  Ron shoots Net 70 and wins Birdie, Greenie, Gross and Net Par 3 pots.  When it was mentioned that there wasn't a Sandie Pot winner, Ron did say, "I had a Sandie but I missed the putt" so there was no Sandie Pot winner.  But John Rutigliano is not going to complain because anyone who comes to his house and does the cooking can win any pot he wants.  Thanks Ron/Roomie.

In Match play it was Korleski and Cavallo over the bad backs of Petronchak and Smith +9.

The BBQ at John Rutigliano's house after the round was a good time and a pleasant afternoon.  Special thanks to Ron Ceglia for doing all the cooking.  It was a big help.

August 17, 2019 (Spooky Brook)

Spooky Brook was steamy and two out of staters play their way to a top 2 finish.  Mike Rolph edges out Ron Ceglia, Sr. by 1 stroke, all that with complaining about how he couldn't adjust to "these slow NJ greens".  Mike takes top money honors along with the B9 nassau and sharing in two pots.  Ceglia, Sr. takes the birdie pot along with 2nd place tie for both F9 and B9 nassaus.

Congrats to the 4 guys that broke gross 80, and along with many low net scores, the beer line was at par 71.

In Match play, Billy Bylina outlasted Dennis Grote with a 1Up win after a birdie on the 17th hole.

August 24, 2019 (Quail Brook)

Quail Brook was set up with some interesting pin positions and back tee boxes (#5 pin takes top honors along with a black/yellow flag on #13 which happened to be about 5 paces on the front of the green).  The out of staters take the top 2 spots again.  Mike Rolph's handicap should have been 18, not 19 resulting in a two-way tie for first with Ron Ceglia, Sr..  

Ron Ceglia Jr. and John Rutigliano recorded super Johnny's - 1 good and 1 bad. 

Billy learns a valuable DGA lesson... don't always have to play 9s, especially when you are giving 7 and 12 strokes to your opponents.

In match play, Larry Thiry beats John Rutigliano 3 & 1 in a match that was close for 13 holes, never swaying more than 1 or 2 holes in either direction.

August 31, 2019 (Neshanic Valley - R/L)

Andrew Keller apparently played a different golf course than the rest of the DGA.  Congrats to Andrew shooting gross 90 / net 58 for a whopping 9 shot victory.  Andrew takes home top $ for the day winning both F9 and B9 nassaus (29/29) and naturally the net birdie pot.  He has to settle for tieing the net eagle pot.  Andrew also wins his quarter-final match against Ed K. 6 & 5.  Ed knew it was going to be a tough day. To quote "I start out par-par-bogey and I'm down 3 holes.

Jim Petronchak takes 2nd place money with a 6th place tie taking 1 pot and sharing the sandy pot.

Congrats to Dave Ellis and Gary Yusko as they knock off the Bobby's in partner match semi-finals +8.

There were two Johnnys.... ironically both guys win 2nd place in the 9 hole nassau.

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