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Sea Oaks (December 5, 2019)

Dennis Grote wins easily by 5 shots on a cold windy day at Sea Oaks. The tees were moved up and it was a good thing because any hole into the wind was not reachable in regulation except the par 3s. Junk was hard to come by in the conditions especially since the fairways were soft making it play even longer.

Spooky Brook (December 7, 2019)

Babo and Mike tie with 72. Frozen Greens for most of the round - sunny,  windy and cold. Scores were bunched and many stories of lost chances and near misses.

Quail Brook (December 14, 2019)

6 Brave DGA members dodged the rain - we had just the right 4 hour window - no showers - a bit of drizzle on some holes. Jim Rinaldi shoots net 66 to nip Babo by 1 shot in very wet conditions. Mansour kicked Mike and Billy's butts with his trusty teeless driver that he seemed to hit on the green from any distance. Greens were surprisingly fast for such wet conditions.

Quail Brook (December 15, 2019)

Bruce rides a steady front 9 to a 1 stroke victory over Jim P.  The expected 30 mph winds held off until #13.

Westlake (December 26, 2019)

We played a very challenging course - Westlake- with tight fairways and lots of water in the Caliendo. The course doesn't have a driving range and hitting your first drive with water all the way down the left and trees on the right made for some interesting first swings. No junk for any of us. Some greens were frozen which added to the problems. Min came closest to a greenie landing one on the fringe on on #6 and just missing the put for birdie/chippie. It should be noted that Dennis says his home course is tighter!

Spooky Brook (December 28, 2019)

The day started off with frosted, frozen greens and fog so thick that you couldn't see the first two greens from 100 yards out.  Putting was tricky the first few holes as the ball would accumulate frost on the way to the hole.  None of this bothered Charlie Connors who shot a Net 67 for a 4 shot victory over Italo Minutello.   Highlights include Jim Petronchak (Not a typo) converting 2 of 3 Sandy opportunities,  Rich Fitzgerald (again, not a typo) playing the Par 3's at 1 over Gross for Net 7, more than half the field had 1 Birdie and Mike Jeffries with a Good Johnnie.  Interesting Bar Observation:  Having amazing foresight, Larry Thiry who lost 3 ways on ALL his Individual bets paid them all off with a $5 and $1 bill!  He vows to get that money back once his handicap hits 30.