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Green Knoll (October 5, 2019)

Dave Ellis organized a separate round at Green Knoll and Reese and Billy played their semi-final match.  From Dave:  Ellis has a strong B9 to roll to a 4 stroke win over Reese and takes all of the money.  Reese was 4 up at the turn and cruised to a 5&4 win.

Warrenbrook (October 5, 2019)

A 40 degree difference from last week… Termperature was about 40 when we teed off and the only good thing to say about Warrenbrook in October was that the greens were in very good shape.  Consensus is that we shouldn't play WB after mid September as there were plenty of lost balls in the rough and under the fallen leaves.

Frankie takes top money honors sharing the B9 and 3 other pots, and whatever you do don't ask Charlie and Frankie about Charlie's tee shot on #13... let's just say the new USGA 2 stroke rule came into play.

Frank Thiry was pleased to learn that his win garners him World Series points towards the 2020 tourney.  He said he will keep JRut honest this year. 

Innisbrook - North (October 5, 2019)

In what may be a DGA Record, this was the 3rd DGA Round of the day on 3 different courses.  Four DGA Members tackled the Innisbrook North Course in the early afternoon and finished just before the late afternoon torrential rains hit the complex.  Unfortunately, Jim Rinaldi's back gave out on the front 9.  Hopefully, he will heal in time for Monday's Individual Tournament.

Innisbrook - Copperhead (October 6, 2019)

Partly Sunny and mid 80s….but 15 minutes after we finished, the skies opened up with 20 minutes of torrential rain.  The Better Ball event was won by Mike Jeffries and Bob Nowark with a net 61.  They swept every other team.  Ron Ceglia Sr and Dennis Grote were 2nd.

Innisbrook - Island (October 7, 2019)

It was a cloudy start to the Individual Tournament…which takes away the excuse of hitting the trees on the left of the 1st tee because of the sun in our eyes.  Also, most of us got wet from a rain shower on the last 3 holes.  Bob Nowark and Dave Perry tied for 1st with Net 72's. Dennis Grote caught fire after the cart girl delivered a Bloody Mary on the 7th hole.  Bob Nowark made an amazing bogey on the 18th hole after putting his 2nd shot near the condo we stayed in last year.  Dave Perry had an "expletive deleted" 5 F-Bombs on one hole.

Innisbrook - North (October 8, 2019)

Bob Nowark plays very steadily to a 2 shot win on the North Course over 3 other players.  Scores were better than expected through the entire field.  Bob has a 5 shot lead over Mike Jeffries after 2 days of the Individual Tournament.  Dave Perry had 2 10's and 2 triple bogey 7's and still shot Net 76.  Dave made a 10 on #3 and then birdied #4.  Ed Korleski made his 10 on #1...on his way to a Johnny (41-31).  John Rutigliano had a Johnny too (44-33).

Innisbrook - South (October 9, 2019)

Reese Evans shoots Net 68 (Gross 79) to nip Bob Babetski by 1 shot.  Bob was playing brilliantly until his 18th hole.  Bob birdied the Par 5 8th hole getting 2 shots for a Net Double Eagle…then birdied the Par 3 9th hole for another Net Eagle!  Scores were between 3 and 9 shots higher on the back 9 for almost everyone.  Mike Jeffries leads the Individual Tournament by 1 shot over Dennis Grote and Bob Nowark.

Innisbrook - Copperhead (October 10, 2019)

The final day of the Fall Classic.  Ron Emma shoots Net 68 to nip Reese Evans by 1 shot for the day…and the 4 day tournament.  Ron had a 4 day total of 288 and Reese was 289.  Doug Conway got a piece of the notoriety by tying Ron with Net 68.  It was a weird set of results with 3 players shooting either net 68 or 69...then having an 8 shot gap to 4th place which was net 77.  Reese Evans had 4 Sandies!!!

Innisbrook - Copperhead (October 10, 2019)

Innisbrook - North (October 11, 2019)

The last day of the trip had only 8 golfers remaining.  We decided to suspend the Ryder Cup for 1 year and played a 2 Man Team event.  The front nine was Pinehurst (Modified Alternate Shot) and the back 9 was a Bramble/Shamble.  Ed Korleski and Luke Wolters birdied 3 holes on the Back 9 to shoot Net 28 and win the overall competition by 1 shot with a Net 64.

Quail Brook (October 12, 2019)

​​On a chilly Fall morning, 5 guys show up at Quail Brook.  (David Ellis drops out, not sure if it was to make an even foursome or if he went over to play at Green Knoll).  Italo Minutello (The Ageless Wonder) shoots a 69 for a 4 stroke victory.  Dan Price celebrates his 82nd Birthday.

Spooky Brook (October 19, 2019)

Temps started in the 30's with a lot of frost on the rough, got up to 50's by the end of the round.  Despite hating cold weather, Ed Korleski shoots a Net 66 for a one stroke victory and some wrap-around World Series points.   The Greens were a little bumpy due to aeration causing some grief, but five guys still managed to get Sandys.  The Tee shot on the 6th hole is lot easier now that they removed the big tree on left side. 

Green Knoll (October 26, 2019)

Mansour shoots net 70 for a 3 shot win over JD who won the net birdie pot with 10. Dave has 2 sandys and 7 equities in an up and down round. Greens were hard to come by and Charlie had the only birdie. Greens were faster than they looked despite the cut grass on them. The top 5 guys all won money and the bottom 4 well....