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July 28th, 2018 (Spooky Brook)

It was quite the day at Spooky Brook where half the field shot under Par but only the Top 3 cashed.  Mansour Rismanchi wins by two strokes and makes the bold statement…  "I don't need Super Holes anymore!"  The Handicap Committee is considering his request.  In Partners Match, The Thiry brothers and their net (lower case) thirty six shots were not enough to hold off the hot Petronchak/Bylina Team.  After the round, Billy Bylina amazed DGA'ers with his slight of hand magic tricks.  Can't wait for Innisbrook this year where Billy says he will saw Schuler in half!    

July 21st, 2018 (Green Knoll)

A cool Summer day, firm fairways, fast greens and THIRTY ONE stokes all help Frank Thiry to shoot a Net 67 for a 1 Stroke, $100 win over Jim Rinaldi's Gross 78.  Three Individual Matches and One Partners Match was played, see results below.  Babetski has the only Johnny (Good) on the day. 

July 14th, 2018 (Warrenbrook-World Series #3)

World Series at Warrenbrook were the fairways were dry and the greens soft the scores were low.  Rich Fitzgerald took advantage of all of that and was the winner of World Series #3.  Consistent all day until he got to 17 & 18 (9&9) shot a net 65 won by a stroke with 4 Net Eagles and 15 Nets.  He also tied the front with a Net 31.  It will be Rich's 5th appearance in World Series. 

Other Notables:
Jay Griffith comes in tied for 12th but wins $42.90.  Some bad luck on the back 9 with 2 lost balls.  Won Greenies, Sandies and tied for Gross Par 3's.
Bob Nowark tied Gross Par 3's with 12 and won Net Par 3's with a 5!
Gary Yusko and Dave Ellis defeated Bob and Andrew Keller in Partners +7 and now they will face the Bobbies.

July 12th, 2018 (Neshanic Valley - Meadow/Lake)

Dennis Grote rides a hot hand and sore shoulder to his second win in five days. Dennis also spurred his partner Bob Keller on to a win with some tough love. Nice Shooting Dennis.  John 'fake 28' Rutigliano wins net birds, net eagles and the most conference calls on the course pots.

July 7th, 2018 (Spooky Brook)

It was a comfortable, sunny day at Spooky Brook.  The weather was perfect and the course was in great shape.  The scores were low and the beer line was Net 70.  Dennis Grote came out of the last group taking first place with a net 62.  The pressure of his partners match didn't effect his game and got better on the back nine with a Net 29.  He also finished in the Birdie Pot with 2 and the Net Eagle Pot with 2. Mansour Rismanchi won the front with a Net 30.  Bruce Rapp had 12 Net Birdies and Bob Babetski had three Greenies to win those Pots.

In Partners Bruce Rapp and Dennis Grote defeated Greg Cavallo and Ed Korleski +8 and in Match play Mark Schuler defeated Larry Thiry 2 & 1.

Next week World Series #3 at Warrenbrook and BBQ hosted at John Rutigliano's house.